How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier

How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are well-known for being a high-energy dog breed, but they are also susceptible to nervous behaviors and separation anxiety. Jack Russell Terriers can be a wonderful family pet to have if they are properly taken care of and given adequate exercise. Let’s explore how to calm your Jack Russell Terrier and what makes them prone to certain tendencies in everyday situations.

History of the Jack Russell Terrier

To understand why Jack Russells are often anxious dogs, we need to first understand the history of the breed. Jack Russell Terriers were bred in the mid-1800s in southern England to hunt foxes. These little dogs needed to be able to burst into speed quickly, turn on a dime, and fit into fox burrows to flush out the quarry. Because of this, Jack Russell Terriers are small bundles of pent-up muscles that have a lot of stored energy. These working dogs were bred for a job that would easily burn off their excess energy at the end of the day. As family pets, we still need to provide a similar amount of activity to keep them healthy and happy.

Breed Health Conditions

On the upside, Jack Russell Terriers are not prone to many genetic health conditions beyond anxiety and high energy. They can get dental disease, parasites, infections, eye problems, and other fairly common conditions that many dog breeds are susceptible to. Jack Russells may also become obese if they don’t receive the right amount of daily exercise or are overfed. How to exercise and calm a Jack Russell Terrier is something you must learn early in your pet’s life.

Signs of Stress and Separation Anxiety in Jack Russells

A high-energy dog that can’t burn off enough of its extra energy may lead it to develop disorders such as nervous tendencies and separation anxiety. Stress and anxiety can present themselves in dogs in ways that are not always obvious to us as humans.

Jack Russells with separation anxiety might develop:

A long-haired Jack Russell Terrier is running outside

How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier With Exercise

The recommended amount of time and how often you exercise your Jack Russell Terrier each day varies. Your dog may need anywhere between 45 minutes to 90 minutes of high-quality exercise per day in 1-2 sessions. You will learn how to calm a Jack Russell Terrier with exercise based on its behavior afterward. If your Jack Russell is still panting and shaking or showing other signs of anxiety after exercising, they may need another session. Fun ways to give your pet exercise are by walking, jogging, or playing fetch. If needed, you could also hire a dog walker or purchase a dog treadmill.

How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier With CBD

Sometimes a dog is not properly exercised when it is young. As a result, your Jack Russell may develop anxiety that can’t simply be exercised away. So how do you calm a Jack Russell Terrierwith separation anxiety without focusing solely on exercise? You might try CBD or medication. CBD is an all-natural, safe way to help your pet relax on a daily basis. Pet CBD oil can be applied directly into the mouth or put on their favorite food. You can also offer it in the form of CBD peanut butter treats that make it easy to dose your dog anywhere.

This breed of dog is on the smaller side, so we recommend Chill Paws 250mg CBD oil. When learning how to calm a Jack Russel Terrier with CBD, start with a small dose of a half dropper or 0.5mL. It will take between 20-90 minutes for the CBD to take effect, depending on how you administer it. When using food to administer CBD, the effects take longer to kick in. Look to see that your Jack Russell has stopped shaking and panting. You will also want other signs of separation anxiety in Jack Russells to diminish. If needed, increase the dose by half increments until your pet is relaxed and calm.

How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier With Training

Training is not a replacement for exercise but can work well in conjunction with it. In cases where your dog is presenting destructive behaviors or defecating when you leave the house, crate training can be very beneficial. When crate training is done properly, a dog crate becomes a safe space that your dog trusts. It can give them a sense of security that replaces nervous tendencies like shaking and panting. Jack Russells are an intelligent breed that usually responds well to training.

Other forms of training can help Jack Russells withseparation anxiety. This training involves a slow progression of working up to leaving the home for short periods and using positive reinforcement. Owners should always work within their dog’s comfort zone, without pushing training to cause them to become anxious. For some dogs, this training can take weeks to months. Discovering how to calm a Jack Russell Terrier with training is a process that can also benefit from the use of CBD pet oil.

Even if you have faithfully exercised your Jack Russell Terrier with stimulating routines since they were a puppy, they may still develop anxiety and nervous tendencies. Jack Russells are prone to these conditions, and as dogs age, the chances increase. These are times when learning how to calm a Jack Russell Terrier with CBD pet oil is a convenient method that raises your pet’s quality of life. Read our customer reviews and see how to get pet relief with CBD!

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