Our Story

Our story begins with our family cat, Monia. Monia is a 12-year old Himalayan, who loves staying in the environment in which he is comfortable and used to. My parents took a road trip and left Monia for us to watch over him. After a few days of him feeling uneasy, we were very concerned and didn't know how to help him.

A friend recommended CBD. I was a little afraid to give it to Monia, because I have never given him CBD and was unsure of how to properly use it. We went to the local pet store and asked their staff about the best options. It was surprising to see how expensive CBD was in stores. 

When I came home, I did additional research on CBD and found that it is possible to create a great quality product at an affordable price. However, affordable and reliable options were not on the market yet. We set out on a mission to allow other pet owners to try out high-quality CBD at a reasonable price to be able to help their beloved pets. 

Our company core values

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Our CBD products are 100% safe for everyday use by dogs and cats. Every batch of CBD oil is thoroughly lab tested and the results are posted with each product. We give you all of the good cannabinoids without nasty pesticides and heavy metals

CBD can be confusing at first, so we’re here to help you understand it. Every pet is unique and will respond to CBD differently. Along with usage instructions, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. And if our product just doesn’t work for your pet, we’ll refund your money.

Not every pet is lucky enough to have a loving owner. We help co-host local events that support rescue organizations. We want every pet to get the care and attention they deserve through adoptions and donations to shelters and animal sanctuaries.

Organizations we support

Chill Paws is on a mission to help as many shelter organizations and animal sanctuaries as possible. We believe it’s important to give back to our community and help spread the word to help get as many dogs and cats adopted so they find their forever homes.