A profile view of a tan dog outside with a drooling open mouth

Excessive Drooling

It is completely normal for both dogs and cats to drool. It is a natural function of the digestive system that helps prepare for and break down food. Pets may drool when they are hungry, when they smell something delicious, when they are sleeping, or even just when they are happy. Certain breeds are known to drool more than others, like saint bernards, mastiffs, and Bengal cats.

When to Talk to Your Vet

When drooling becomes excessive, it is often caused by an underlying health issue. Cats and dogs can experience drooling from separation anxiety, tooth decay, mouth ulcers, gum disease, heatstroke, and other issues that can become serious if left untreated. This is why it is important to get your pet checked out when you notice their drooling level is not normal.

How CBD Can Help with Drooling


CBD is well known for helping to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety, like drooling, in dogs and cats. CBD interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, and some of these receptors are actually found in the salivary glands. This interaction helps to regulate the production of saliva and helps to return it to a normal level. Cat and dog drooling from separation anxiety can also be reduced from the calming and relaxing feelings that come from the cortisol-regulating effects of CBD.

Dental Health Issues

If your pet is experiencing a toothache or other painful dental irritant that causes drooling, CBD can also help to manage the pain and swelling. CBD can help with pain by decreasing the number of painful nerve signals that are sent, as well as reduce swelling with its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Safe for Occasional and Daily Use

Studies have shown that CBD is safe to give to your pet for periodic relief as well as a daily aid to your pet’s health. Conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, and separation anxiety can hinder your pet’s quality of life, but CBD may be the answer to helping them get more out of their time with us. Keep your cat or dog’s anxiety at bay and reduce drooling with the help of Chill Paws CBD products!

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