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How to Stop Your Dog or Cat from Anxiety Pooping and Peeing

Why Do Housebroken Pets Do it?

Just like in humans, anxiety is something that is commonly experienced in dogs and cats. Some breeds may be more prone to it, and if left unchecked, anxiety can develop into a disorder that causes behavioral problems. They may chew, dig, bark, pace, pant, drool, become aggressive, destroy furniture, and urinate and defecate inside a house, even if they are housebroken.

3 Types of Anxiety

Anxiety in pets can be triggered by different stimuli. The main causes of anxiety stem from fear, separation, and aging. Fear anxiety may be set off by loud noises like fireworks, strange people, animals, and environments, car rides, or anything they find visually threatening. Separation anxiety happens when you are absent and your pet can’t comfort itself. Age-related anxiety happens as your pet becomes a senior and its physical and mental capabilities start to decline.

What Can You Do?

Your first step is to talk to your veterinarian. They can help you determine the causes and triggers, as well as rule out any underlying health issues. Learning how to stop your dog or cat from anxiety pooping and peeing usually involves training, preventative strategies, and medication or natural therapies.


A good way to train your dog or cat to cope with anxiety is by desensitizing them to it. Introduce them to the trigger in small doses and reward them. Repeated exposure to the stimuli and positive rewards can help them gain confidence.

Medications & Natural Therapies 

When anxiety becomes a big problem for your pet, veterinarians often recommend medications. Natural or over-the-counter therapies are common methods of how to stop dog and cat anxiety pooping and peeing, destructive behavior, and even anxiety aggression.

CBD Oil for Pets 

Many pet owners have reported great improvements in their pets who suffer from anxiety and swear by using it as a daily treatment. Just like with humans who have anxiety, CBD can help both pets and their owners relax and de-stress. Your veterinarian can also help explain the benefits of CBD and how it can be an aid to stop your dog or cat from anxiety pooping and peeing in your home.

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