Training Your Dog with CBD Dog Treats

Training Your Dog with CBD Dog Treats

Our furry companions provide us with unconditional love, affection and an excuse to engage in some much-needed play.  But, even the sweetest and most loving dogs are capable of bad behavior, whether it be jumping on guests, trying to escape their leash or chewing on our favorite belongings around the home.  Fortunately, dogs respond very well to proper training, especially when training starts while they’re still young.  

Most training styles rely on giving dogs treats as a form of positive reinforcement.  This allows them to associate good behavior with receiving food and helps ensure that their good behavior continues throughout their lives.  Now, more dog trainers are using cannabidiol, specifically, CBD dog treats as a reward, with positive results.

Why Use CBD Dog Treats Rather than Standard Treats You Can Buy at the Pet Store?

Well, cannabidiol is a unique cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant that can further influence your dog’s behavior for the better.  Also, with the many desirable properties found within CBD, it’s a great excuse to give your dog a daily serving of a compound that supports their bodies in many ways.

Cannabidiol is becoming a highly recommended holistic choice because it’s a non-intoxicating and nontoxic compound that supports their endocannabinoid system, which keeps the body in a state of homeostasis.  Many dog owners notice that once they introduce CBD into their furry friends’ routines, dogs begin exhibiting better mood and behavior.

CBD Treats: The Importance of Dosing

When it comes to training your dog with CBD dog treats, dosing matters.  CBD treats come in different milligram strengths, or concentrations, with clear dosing instructions based on a dog’s weight.  It’s important to follow these instructions to make sure you give your dog the proper daily amount of CBD for their size, as too much CBD can cause drowsiness in canines.

That being said, if your training session involves giving your dog repeated positive reinforcement, you have a few options.  You can break up a treat into small portions, which will still be effective as your dog will be rewarded with a taste that excites their senses.  Or, you can go with a low-strength treat that allows you to give them multiple pieces in one day.

You can also give them one CBD dog treat per day at the same time daily, to enforce the idea of routine into their awareness.  You can still give them other treats during other training practices.

Soft or Hard Treats: Choosing the Best Option for Your Canine

Many dog owners ask us whether it’s better to use hard or soft treats when training your dogs.  Overall, we always feel that soft, chewy treats are the best.  They’re easier on your dog’s teeth and gums, and some dogs have particularly sensitive oral tissue that means that rather than associating their good behavior with a treat, they will associate it with pain, which can sabotage your training efforts.

Flavor Matters, as Do the Other Ingredients

You want to give your dog a CBD treat that has an appealing taste, because the better it tastes, the more positive reinforcement is established.  So, look for a flavor that satisfies their taste buds, such as peanut butter or bacon, that isn’t part of their regular diet already.

Not only that, but any treat you give your dog daily should have clean, healthy, and nontoxic ingredients.  Just look over the ingredients of a CBD dog treat formula to make sure that the ingredients completely agree with your dog’s system.

Tips for Training with CBD Dog Treats

To make sure that training your dog with CBD dog treats goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to follow these tried-and-true tips from leading trainers.

Tip #1: Follow the Advice of Experts

If you’re unable to have your dog trained by a professional, you can train them yourselves.  But, you will need to do a lot of research beforehand by reading the advice of training experts.  Trying to make it up as you go along can backfire, since you could be unintentionally promoting unhealthy behaviors without realizing it.

Tip #2: Be Consistent

Consistency is key with training, as dogs learn through repetition.  Give your dog the same amount of treats each time and try to train them at the same time each day.  If you’re trying to break a bad habit, make sure to use the same method each time that they display this habit, so that they don’t get confused.

Tip #3: Avoid Harsh Tactics

With dogs, negative reinforcement often backfires as they have a hard time understanding the consequences of their actions.  Yelling at a dog, for instance, will only confuse them and associate you with negative emotions.  

Tip #4: Make Sure Each Member in Your Household is on the Same Page While Training Your Dog

For instance, if one household member allows a dog to rip apart a piece of furniture, while everyone else is trying to train them to break this habit, your dog is less likely to change their behavior.  Training is an investment with great rewards but can only be done if everyone is on the same page and willing to invest the same amount of effort into the process.

Chill Paws CBD Dog Treats are Perfect for Training Your Canine 

Chill Paws carries premium CBD Dog Treats that are perfect for training any canine.  Our treats are soft and chewy to make them easy for your dog to consume.  Plus, the rich and creamy, naturally derived peanut butter flavor makes every serving feel like a little slice of luxury.  Chill Paws Dog Treats are made with all-natural, clean, and nontoxic ingredients, and contain 5 milligrams of full spectrum CBD extract per piece.  Their chewy texture makes it easy to split into smaller portions if need be.



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