Anxiety and Depression in Dogs

Sad black and white pug dog laying on floor

 Does your dog seem to have symptoms of depression? Are they tired, moody, fatigued, or restless? Your beloved furry friend may be displaying signs of anxiety and needs your attention to help with a treatment plan for your dog’s depression.

Causes and Symptoms of Depression

Depression in dogs can hit at any time for any reason. Moving, losing another pet or family member, changing their routine, or adding a new pet are just some things that can cause anxiety and depression in dogs. Figuring out what is causing the depression will allow you to navigate through how to best help your cherished companion overcome their sadness.

Symptoms of depression in dogs can include any of the following:

  • Decrease in activity and energy levels
  • Change in eating habits
  • Change in sleeping habits
  • Change in mood towards things once enjoyed

Treatment for Depression

There are several treatments for depression in dogs that you can try.

  • Increasing their exercise
  • Rewarding positive, happy behaviors
  • Adding supplements to their diet
  • Using medication from the vet

Creating a plan to help get your dog back to optimal happiness is crucial to working through their depression. There is no overnight treatment plan for this, but it will take some time and energy on your part to help your pet experience more chill.

Help from Chill Paws

CBD oil supplements are very helpful in supporting the reduction of depression symptoms in dogs. Our CBD oil can play dual roles in your pet's recovery. First, it will be a supplement to their overall health and wellness. Second, it can be substituted as a reward treat for positive, chill behaviors once or twice a day. Taking an extra walk or having playtime can become the reason for rewarding with a yummy CBD treat.

As an effective supplement that can bring your entire treatment plan for your dog's depression together, we make our CBD oil products with the finest ingredients. They support the endocannabinoid system and restore receptors that may be lacking within your pet's body. As these receptors recover, the impact on your pet will be more noticeable. Your pet will begin engaging in activities and enjoying life again.

Anxiety and depression in dogs are real issues. Help your dog with their symptoms of depression by using Chill Paws CBD oil pet products. Your beloved pet will thank you as they return to their chill state.