How Often Should You Give Your Pet CBD?

How Often Should You Give Your Pet CBD?

CBD is becoming a massively successful industry thanks to the astounding number of people who have managed to find relief with the magic of hemp. Now, the veterinary industry recognizes that CBD may benefit pets just as much as it benefits us, which means that we might be able to give our furry friends relief from their ailments in a holistic way.

Of course, your pet’s response to CBD has a lot to do with whether or not you’re administering it properly. In addition to determining the right dosage level for their unique needs, it’s crucial that you figure out how frequently you should be administering it. The frequency at which you give your pet CBD may make a massive difference in terms of whether or not they experience relief.

So, how often should you give your pet CBD? We’ve made things easy for you by creating a simple guide.

What to Consider

You’ll discover, how often you should give your pet CBD definitely depends on a fairly broad variety of factors. Take all of these factors into consideration in order to come up with the best dosing schedule for your pet’s unique needs.

Your Pet’s Ailment

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is your pet’s unique ailment. What is it that your pet is suffering from that has made you want to invest in CBD?

Commonsense will tell you that the severity of the ailment as well as the frequency at which the symptoms occur determines how often you should be giving them CBD. For example, if your pet absolutely hates going to the vet, you may choose to simply give them CBD on an as-needed basis. However, if your pet has extremely anxiety in general, you’ll probably want to consider giving them CBD daily so that they might maintain a calmer state of mind.

Another example is using CBD to treat a pain-related condition. For instance, if you have a dog who suffers from arthritis that’s so severe that they struggle getting around the house, you’ll probably want to give them CBD consistently so that it’s always in their system. However, if your pet is only in mild pain at certain points during the day, you can give it to them less frequently, or only when you see that they’re suffering.

Your Pet’s Tolerance to Hemp

Some pet owners may find that their dog or cat has a relatively high tolerance to CBD, which means that they can take large amounts without feeling groggy. If this is the case, you’ll likely decide that you can give it to them multiple times each day. However, if your pet gets unusually sleepy after consuming CBD, you may wish to reduce the frequency at which you administer it so that you don’t interfere with their body’s natural energy levels.

Determining Factors

Now that you have an idea of its uses, here are some things to know about for how often to give your pet CBD.

Ask Yourself What You Want to Accomplish by Giving Your Pet CBD

The first thing to consider is why you’re giving your pet CBD. Do you wish to use it as a preventative? Are you hoping to give it to them on an as-needed basis in order to help them in times that they’re particularly distressed? Or, are you hoping to alleviate the symptoms of a chronic ailment such as a gastrointestinal issue?

Pets can take CBD every day indefinitely, but some pet owners may wish to only give it to them when they’re exhibiting certain symptoms. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Observe How They Respond to CBD

When you first start out giving your pet CBD, pay special attention to how they respond during the first few hours after administration. Do they seem a bit more lethargic than usual? Do they seem more playful, or do they seem happy and relaxed? If your pet responds to CBD in a way that isn’t ideal, you can reduce the frequency at which you give it to them and consider giving them a higher dose at once rather than a few smaller doses periodically throughout the day.

Get Your Dosage Level Right

The dosage level and the frequency at which you give them their dose go hand in hand. If you get the dosage level right, you might not need to give it to them as frequently. So, make sure that you follow the instructions on the label of the product to make sure that you’re giving them enough at each time of administration.

Consider the Type of CBD Product You’re Giving Them

For instance, edible CBD products, such as hemp treats, stay in the system for a longer period of time, which means that they won’t need to take it as frequently. Meanwhile, a tincture that’s administered sublingually may only last for a couple of hours, which means that if you’re trying to help them with a chronic ailment, you might need to give it to them a couple of times throughout the day.

Things to Keep in Mind

When going this route, make sure you remember the following:

Consistency May Determine the Effectiveness

One thing to consider is that many researchers believe that consistency has a lot to do with the potential effectiveness of CBD. In other words, giving your pet CBD daily allows it to build up in their system so that the results are more profound. So, think about giving your pet CBD on a daily basis for a while so that it accumulates in their body.

Every Pet’s Body is Different

Also, remember that every pet’s body responds to CBD differently. While one dog may benefit from eating CBD treats three times each day, your cat might do best with just one dose in the morning.

Only Give Your Furry Friend a CBD Product That’s Made for Pets

Lastly, it’s very important that you only give your pet a CBD product that’s specially formulated for cats and dogs.

Always Be Attentive

CBD might be extremely helpful if you’re trying to help your pet experience relief from their symptoms. However, the frequency at which you give the CBD to them might have a lot to do with whether or not you see the results that you’re looking for.

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