How Can CBD Help After a Hike or Workout Session?

How Can CBD Help After a Hike or Workout Session?

We all know that exercise is important, not only for ourselves but for our furry friends as well. Every system in our body relies on regular exercise in order to function at its best, and dogs in particular have a strong physical need to maintain regular exercise as they have a lot of energy to burn off.  

One of the most rewarding things we can do as dog owners is take our furry companions with us on a hike or run so that we can reap the benefits of physical activity together. But, it’s important to remember that your dog’s body needs proper recovery following a workout, just like yours.

What are the Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog?

Exercising with your dog can be a wonderful bonding experience, which your doggie can interpret as a form of play that gratifies their mental health immensely, while their physical health is receiving the valuable benefits of physical activity. Canines are a particularly energetic species that require lots of exercises each and every day to burn through that hyperactivity. In many cases, our households just aren’t enough to stimulate the motivation to exercise, and so we must find alternative ways to ensure that they burn enough calories and get in their cardio.

Exercising is a critical part of your dog’s survival. A dog that doesn’t get enough physical activity on a regular basis can become depressed and anxious, and be at a higher risk of developing diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis.  In fact, dogs need to be physically active, or else they can feel boredom, as it is in a dog’s natural instincts to run around and play each day, to use up the energy that their species provides to catch prey and avoid predators.

What is the Importance of Recovery for a Canine’s System?

Most of us know very well that after a grueling workout, the recovery process is critical for the body to reregulate itself. Exercise takes a toll on everyone’s body, causing micro damage within the deep tissue and tiring out the nervous system. Without the proper rest and support, we can make ourselves more at risk of injuries, illness, and other unwanted symptoms.

This also applies to your furry friend, and what makes things more complicated is that your dog can’t tell you that their joints are sore, or that they are feeling particularly exhausted after a long hike. This is why it is important to provide your canine with all the support their body needs after each exercise session.

What Might CBD Offer for Dogs?

That’s where cannabidiol (CBD), the dominant cannabinoid in the hemp plant comes in. It’s non-toxic and non-psychoactive for dogs and humans alike, and even has the important role of supporting a mammal’s endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system consists of a network of cannabinoid receptors located in all tissue of the body, and these cannabinoid receptors utilize cannabinoids like CBD to regulate individual processes within each bodily system. CBD can support regulation of the immune system, nervous system, and digestive system along with the deep tissue of the body that can become sore and tight after exercising.

An influx of studies have also been done that particularly observe the effects of cannabidiol on canines. One groundbreaking study from Cornell University showed that CBD improved the symptoms in dogs with osteoarthritis, a painful inflammatory disorder of the joints that can cause enormous pain. This shows evidence that CBD can do its part in managing pain, which can be applied to the administration following exercise.

How to Give Your Dog CBD After Exercise

If you would like to start your active dog on a CBD-based routine, there are some important things that you need to know beforehand and apply to their regimen with each application. These will ensure that your dog receives the treatment that is most likely to be effective.

#1: Talk to Your Veterinarian Before Starting Your Dog on CBD

Because your veterinarian knows your dog’s medical history and needs and can use this information to offer the best guidance for a successful experience.  Make sure to tell your vet if your pet is on any medications, as cannabidiol may interfere with the metabolization of certain prescriptions.

#2: Choose a Pet-Friendly Formula

Yes, it is equally important that you give your dog a CBD product crafted just for pets, because many CBD products made for humans contain ingredients that are safe for us, but toxic to our furry friends.  Examples of toxic ingredients for pets would be any level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or certain essential oils.  Also, dog-friendly CBD products come with clear dosing guidelines that apply to different ranges of body weight common in canines.

#3: Select the Appropriate CBD Product

There are three main types of CBD dog products on the market that are administered in different ways.  You will want to select the product type most suitable for your dog’s needs and preferences. 

  • Tinctures: Consist of cannabidiol extract and a carrier oil that’s safe for your dog to ingest and is usually flavored as well.  Available in different strengths, they can be administered sublingually or added to their food.
  • Treats: Come in different shapes, flavors, and milligram strengths, and are really easy to give to your dog because these CBD-infused delights appeal to their senses of smell and taste.
  • Topicals: Topical solutions are applied directly to a target area, where they absorb through the skin to reach the deep tissue and provide localized effects.  This can be useful if your dog has localized issues in their joints or muscles, as well as their skin.

Advice: You can use more than one of the products above. Just make sure to ask your veterinarian before proceeding to do this. Then, you can come up with a daily regimen for doing so if your vet approves.

#4: Be Consistent 

It is always ideal to give your dog the same dosage of CBD daily because consistent daily use can be more effective due to the way in which cannabinoids accumulate in the body’s ECS.

Why are Chill Paws CBD Pet Products Perfect for Helping Your Dog Recover?

Chill Paws has every type of CBD product you could ask for as a dog owner who wants to provide proper recovery following exercise.  We offer treats, tinctures, and topicals, all made with lab-tested hemp and clean, gentle ingredients, while our flavored products are too tough for your pup to resist.  You can give your dog one of our CBD products after each workout session and know that their endocannabinoid system is being properly supported while their body recovers from physical activity. 

Check out the variety of vet-approved Chill Paws CBD products today!

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