5 Ways to Get Your Dog Ready For the Fall

5 Ways to Get Your Dog Ready For the Fall

With the fall season in full swing, many of us (especially pet owners) love what the autumn season brings – warm sweaters, cooler weather, and the beginning of the holidays.  For our dogs, there are several pretty notable changes that come with the season we should be getting them ready for now.  Why?  Well, so they can feel their absolute best and enjoy what the season brings from September all the way up to December.   This fall then, consider what your dog really needs to stay comfortable and safe.

How to Let Your Dog Enjoy the Fall Season

Again, autumn can be just as fun for our dog(s) as it is for us.  From piles of leaves to trick-or-treating, they have a lot to look forward to.  But, with any changing season comes a new host of priorities that pertain to their health, happiness, and comfort.  We mean, without those three things, there is no possible way for your pet to enjoy the crisp fall weather.

Tip #1: Mornings and Nights Can Get Chilly, and Days Can Still Get Hot

Yes, the fall season has unpredictable weather patterns.  One day can be in the high 80s, and another in the low 50s.  This means that we need to not only dress accordingly but make sure our dog is just as comfortable.  For example, just because it’s no longer summer doesn’t mean that your dog can’t end up getting dehydrated if it’s particularly hot out, so don’t bring in that water bowl just yet.  And, on the flip side, consider some ways to keep your dog warm on those cold mornings and nights, whether that be with a sweater to wear outdoors or whatever it is that you may have.

Tip #2: Stay on Top of Their Flea and Tick Treatment

One of the most common mistakes that pet owners make once fall rolls around is stopping their flea and tick treatment, now that summer is over.  But, actually, fleas and ticks thrive in the fall, as the milder temperatures are actually quite to their liking.  Most veterinarians recommend year-round treatment, but if you like to stop during the cold season, wait until winter to take some time off from whatever treatments you use.

Tip #3: Brush Out Their Summer Coat

Now’s a perfect time to brush out your dog’s summer coat, whether you do it yourself or pay a groomer.  A lot of us associate shedding with the springtime, when our dogs lose the excess, thick hair they grow to stay warm in the winter.  But actually, dogs shed their summer coat each fall, losing their finer, thinner hair to make room for their thick, insulating fur that gets them through the cold months.  Shedding can be messy, too.  That’s why it’s ideal to brush as much as you can out early on in the season, rather than watching it fly off your dog each time you go to pet them.  

Tip #4: Buy a Few Fall-Themed Pet Toys

Believe it or not, having them play with toys that are inspired by the autumn season could get them (and even you) get into the mood!  Also, having cleaner and not-so-worn-out toys that were used a lot during the spring and summertime will be better and possibly safer for your canine.  Just go to your local pet shop and they should carry those fall-themed dog toys in stock.

Tip #5: Hike Instead of Walk

Since the summertime weather can have conditions on the ground/pavement that's simply too hot to go on extended hikes, you may prefer short walks instead.  When the weather cools down though, act on the opportunity to take your canine for a hike through a trail near you, as they will enjoy the change of scenery and the new scents of the fall season!

Tip #6: Make Sure You Have Warm and Cozy Spots Around the House

None of us – at least not that we are aware of – sleep routinely on our wood and tile floors, hence we can underestimate just how cold they can get.  This is directly the case during the mornings, once fall has arrived.  And, if you wouldn’t want to sleep on a cold floor, it’s safe to assume that your dog doesn’t, either.  Make sure then, you’ve some nice, cozy beds for your dog in different rooms throughout the house, and generally have plenty of places where they can snuggle up and stay warm.  If you don’t have any area rugs in your house, consider getting a bed in each room.  This way, your pup always has somewhere comfy to sleep no matter where they are.

Tip #7: Continue with Your Dog’s CBD Routine

Of course, just because the season's changed doesn’t mean that there are fewer reasons to keep up with your pup’s CBD routine.  Cannabidiol can improve your dog’s daily life at every time of year, and the more consistently they take it, the better, thanks to the cumulative nature of cannabinoids and a canine’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).  The endocannabinoid system uses endocannabinoids, aka “cannabinoids”, to regulate the systems of the body, helping them achieve homeostasis.  In fact, your dog may benefit from CBD extra this time of year, when arthritis symptoms can flare up due to chillier yet humid days, and their stress levels may go up as they adjust to spending more time indoors once again.

Chill Paws has your dog’s CBD needs to be covered with a phenomenal selection of products formulated specifically for canines.  All CBD-infused oils and treats are made from organic hemp.  Plus, every formula has been meticulously tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that its quality levels and safety levels are superb.  Every CBD product is crafted with clean and dog-friendly ingredients.  Not to mention, flavored naturally to appeal to your furry friend’s senses.  Chill Paws makes it easy to give your dog a daily serving of hemp, in order to feel amazing throughout the day or night.

So, as fall has arrived, we recommend administering cannabidiol once a day to them, particularly as their bodies adjust to the new season.  In turn, this can make their transition more comfortably into cooler weather and a change in their daily routine for the better.

These Methods Will Have Your Dog Ready for Autumn in No Time!

The fall season should be a time of fun for the entire family – including our furry companions.  As we get deeper into autumn, let’s put our dogs first by making sure they stay nice and cozy as the temperature drops, and have all kinds of fun activities that they can enjoy as safely as possible.  Besides, when they are out in the fall weather, they do enjoy playing in those batches of leaves.

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