Giving Your Pet CBD in the Case of Extreme Shedding

Giving Your Pet CBD in the Case of Extreme Shedding

If you’re a pet owner, you’re more than likely very used to the sight of pet hair in the corners of your home. Shedding is something that we accept as part of being a pet owner, and some pets shed more than others. Despite the fact that this is such a common occurrence, many of us wonder if it’s normal, and why it happens in the first place. Even more, many of us notice from time to time that it seems as though our furry friends are shedding more than normal. So, when is shedding a sign that something is wrong? And, what can we do about it?

Today, we’ll be discussing extreme shedding. We’re going to break down the key factors that can cause shedding to occur in excess, and we’ll also be discussing the potential way that you can treat it using CBD.

What is Shedding, and is it Normal?

All cats and dogs shed. In fact, humans do as well. We lose about 100 hairs each day, because our hair follicles follow a natural biological process that’s cyclical in nature. With pets, this process occurs as well. But, in the case of cats and dogs, shedding can be more extreme depending on the time of year that it is.

Because pets still maintain many of their biological processes from the time when they were in the wild, their fur goes through a cycle as though they were still living outdoors. When the weather gets cold, cat and dogs develop an extra layer of fur to keep themselves warm. Once the weather warms up in the springtime, they shed this extra layer of fur so that they can stay cool during the hot months ahead.

Therefore, it’s natural that in the springtime, your pet will be shedding more than they do during the fall and winter. As long as they shed the same amount each year, there’s really no reason to worry. However, in some cases, excessive shedding can be a sign that something is, in fact wrong.

When is Shedding Not Normal?

Shedding is not normal when it’s excessive during non-springtime months, or when it’s far more extreme than usual. As a pet owner, you can probably tell when your pet is shedding more than they usually do just from experience. So, if it seems like your pet is losing too much fur, you should speak to your vet as soon as possible to rule out any underlying conditions.

Extreme Shedding Causes

There are many different factors that can contribute to extreme shedding. Pet’s skin and fur are part of a bodily system, just like our digestive system or our nervous system. So, when a pet’s health is compromised, this system, just like every other bodily system, can be negatively affected.

One common cause of extreme shedding is stress. In fact, when we’re stressed, we can lose more hair than usual as well. This is because the excess cortisol levels in the bloodstream can send a signal to various bodily systems that it’s time to slow down so that our bodies can preserve our energy.

Another common cause of excessive shedding is a skin-related ailment. For instance, if your cat or dog has an allergy to a certain laundry detergent that you use to wash their bed, they may shed as a result of the extreme skin irritation that this allergen is causing. Or, your pet may have an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema.

Even food allergies can cause excessive shedding. If a pet is repeatedly fed an ingredient that they’re allergic to, inflammation within the body can become widespread enough to affect their skin and fur.

Is Extreme Shedding Treatable?

Extreme shedding can be treatable, but first, a vet must determine the culprit behind the shedding. This way, they can fix the problem at the root cause.

Can CBD Help with a Pet’s Extreme Shedding?

More and more pet owners are giving their dogs and cats CBD as a way to curb excessive shedding, and many vets now promote this cannabinoid as a natural potential treatment. One of the ways in which it can help with extreme shedding is by regulating inflammation levels. If a pet’s shedding problem is related to inflammation, either within the body or on the skin, CBD may be able to help because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally, CBD may help your pet maintain better stress levels because of the way in which this compound has the potential to regulate cortisol production.

It turns out that there are cannabinoid receptors along the skin of cats and dogs, and these cannabinoid receptors directly receive CBD and use it to regulate bodily processes like hair production, inflammation of the skin and more.

How Can CBD Be Administered to a Cat or Dog to Control Extreme Shedding?

If you wish to try to treat your pet’s extreme shedding with CBD, we recommend that you first speak with your vet. Before you try any new treatment on your pet, your vet should know. Once your vet has given you the go-ahead, you can search for a product that’s specially formulated for cats and dogs.

There are two ways to tackle shedding using CBD: giving it to them orally and applying it to their skin topically. You may want to try both at first, as extreme shedding can both be a sign of an internal issue and an external issue related to the skin and follicles themselves.

When Pet Shedding Gets Out of Hand, Turn to CBD Perhaps

Shedding in pets is normal, and, in fact, it’s an extremely useful function. However, sometimes, a pet may shed on an extreme level, indicating that something is wrong. If you’re concerned about your pet’s extreme shedding, we suggest that you speak to your vet and consider using CBD as a potential treatment method.

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