Tips for Dogs with Arthritis in the Cold Weather and Rainy Season

Tips for Dogs with Arthritis in the Cold Weather and Rainy Season

We’re approaching the time of year when the weather outside is still chilly, but the humidity is high and it’s raining off and on for the duration of spring.  Those of us who suffer from arthritis dread this time of year, because it can feel like our joints aching for weeks on end.  It is no secret that arthritis sufferers typically feel worse when the weather is cold, humid and rainy.  So, if your canine also has arthritis, safe to assume then, that they’re not feeling their best, either.

Why Could the Weather Make Your Furry Friend’s Joints Feel Worse?

Ask anyone with arthritis and they’ll tell you that their symptoms are clearly triggered by weather conditions like intense cold, high humidity and rain.  It is believed that these drastic changes in barometric pressure can make the inflammation surrounding the joints worse, causing increased pain and stiffness.

This is no new phenomenon – people have been reporting a correlation between arthritis symptoms and weather changes ever since we knew what arthritis was.  And yet, there has yet to be any study that explains exactly why this seems to occur, and no study actually showing changes to the joint tissue based on weather conditions.

However, clearly, this is not a psychosomatic response.  It’s such a widespread issue that there’s obviously something to it that science hasn’t figured out yet.  And, while we work hard to minimize our symptoms on cold and rainy days, it is time that we start considering the needs of our dogs as well.

How to Help Your Canine with Arthritis Pain on “Bad Weather” Days

When you know that the weather is causing conditions that can make arthritis pain worse, you’ll need to pay extra attention to the behavior and body language of your dog.  Look for signs that they’re in pain, such as lethargy, a disinterest in food, limping, or being less mobile than usual.  From there, you can make decisions on their behalf according to their discomfort levels.  

So, what are some of the things that can help your dog when the weather is causing joint stiffness and discomfort?

  • Glucosamine Supplements: Glucosamine is a sulfate that comes in supplement form, which acts as a building block to joint cartilage.  It essentially protects the cartilage of the joints by boosting production so that damage can be repaired, or at the very least maintained.  It comes in a form that’s friendly for dogs, and many dog owners swear by it.
  • Make the House as Cozy as Possible: When we’re in pain, we want nothing more than to get comfy at home, and your dog wants the same.  Make sure that their bed is accessible so that they don’t have to travel too far to snuggle up in it, and consider layering some extra blankets for added comfort.
  • Massage/Acupuncture: You could very well find massage therapists and/or acupuncturists in your area who are licensed to treat dogs.  This can dramatically reduce pain levels on especially difficult days so that your dog isn’t in nearly as much distress.
  • A Trip to the Vet: If your dog’s arthritis pain is severe or chronic, and clearly interfering with their quality of life, it may be time to talk to your vet about a more intensive treatment.  Your veterinarian can decide whether or not your dog would benefit from a specific pain medication that can bring down the severity of the symptoms, especially on days when the weather is making pain and stiffness worse.
  • CBD for Canine Arthritis

    One of the most popular choices among dog owners is cannabidiol (CBD).  It’s the key compound derived from hemp that’s both nontoxic and non-intoxicating to all mammals. Many humans take it for arthritis, thanks to the cannabinoid’s ability to attach to cannabinoid receptors that regulate inflammation levels.  But, it’s not just for humans. A recent  study done by Cornell University found that osteoarthritic dogs who were administered CBD experienced improved mobility and less pain, offering clear evidence that cannabidiol has the potential to provide a lot of relief.

    There are three ways to administer CBD to your dog:

    • CBD Dog Treats: Provide the longest-lasting effects (roughly 7-8 hours) while being easy to administer since they’re flavored to appeal to a dog’s senses.
    • CBD Oils: Can easily be added to your dog’s food, and offer faster-acting effects than edibles that can last for about 3-4 hours.

    To really get as much value as possible out of a CBD-based product for your dog, make it part of their daily routine. This allows them to build up an ample amount of cannabidiol in their body so that it can be as effective as possible, since CBD works cumulatively.

    Also, note that you should only give your dog a CBD product made for canines.  CBD products for human consumption tend to have milligram strength level that are too high for canines and may even contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to pets.

    Chill Paws: CBD Made for Dogs in Order to Get Them Through the Cold and Rainy Season

    Studies have shown that cannabidiol may be able to improve arthritis symptoms, so before the rainy season begins, we recommend checking out Chill Paws CBD products. We carry CBD oils, treats, and topical balms that can all work together to deliver a soothing effect to the joints, especially when incorporated into a daily routine along with that which your vet has recommended for their needs.  Our CBD is made with all-natural ingredients and highly appealing flavors, while containing the finest lab-tested, ultra-pure hemp extract possible, from organic plant material.  

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