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Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog for Grooming Day

It's that time of the season for your dog to head to the groomers. For some owners, this is an exciting day, but for others, the dread of the day creates anxiety for the owner and beloved companion. If your dog is on the groomer's restless, biting, and crying dog list, don’t worry–you’re not alone!

There are many ways to help your dog through this eventful day. Some are natural, and some are not. Here are some of the natural tips to help with your dog's grooming anxiety.

7 Natural Ways to Calm Your Dog for Grooming

1. Your Vibes

One way to naturally keep your dog calm for grooming day is to be calm yourself. Your pup discerns your vibes and energy. Watch how you respond to the day, get ready, and plan out the events. Your dog will catch on to anxiety in you if you show them too much. 

Stay relaxed and know that your dog will do well at the groomer. Many groomers have vast experience with anxious dogs and are ready for the day with a pet who fears the shears. However, you don't have to have the same uneasy feeling. Take some deep breaths, remind yourself it will all be okay, and give your beloved dog a cheery smile and a soft pet for getting to the groomers.

2. Just Another Day

Grooming day is just another day. It is only natural to want a calm dog for this excursion. You want your dog's hair to come out soft and fluffy or neatly buzzed. Pretend that the day is like no other day. You can even take an extra-long walk to help your dog burn some energy. Do not make a fuss about anything and welcome the dog into the car and then the groomers like it was a place you visit each time you leave the house. 

Your dog will enjoy the calmness of your attitude and know that everything is okay when you disregard the tension brewing in your thoughts. Your dog will be more excited to jump out of the car if it thinks you have been to the groomers more than once or twice.

3. Time to Sniff

When you arrive at the groomers, give your dog time to sniff away at the parking lot, building outside, and lobby area. Sniffing can help your dog's grooming anxiety because they will know who has been around and that many dogs come and go from the facility.

Sniffing has a natural calming effect for dogs due to its impact on their brains. About one-eighth of your dog's brain activity is responsible for responding to smells. Therefore the more your companion can sniff around and learn about the world they’re walking into, the more their blood pressure will go down, and calmness will take over.


4. Seek Professional, Relaxed Groomers

When you pick a groomer, search for a professional groomer who has experience with anxious dogs. Groomers who know how to handle tense dogs tend to have great mannerisms with the dog and an extra friendly touch. They strive to make the environment feel welcome, friendly, and safe for your dog. 

You can take a day trip to the groomers before your actual grooming day as another natural calming strategy for your dog’s fear of the grooming experience. A groomer who focuses on supporting anxious dogs will allow for 'meet the groomer' times and ensure their facility is a calm place for your dog. Your furry pet will have the chance to check out the building and meet the groomer. These introductions beforehand help reduce your dog’s grooming anxiety and prepare for the day.

5. Reward Your Dog

Dogs love treats! Give your dog rewards for entering the facility and going nicely to the grooming artist. An extra treat will naturally calm your dog for their hair trim right off the bat.

When you come to pick up your beautiful pup, have another treat waiting to reward their good behavior while being away from you. Treats and accolades for your best fur friend are always an excellent way to make them feel comfortable in new places.

6. Supplement

Why not make their hair cut treat a little extra delightful and calming with a supplement of CBD oil? CBD oil is known to help create a calm, relaxed feeling in dogs, especially when they are going through a stressful event, like grooming.

CBD oil for dogs is a tasty treat for them to have right before the groomers. The CBD oil will trigger positive brain receptors that support your dog's natural calming reaction. 


7. Groom at Home

If your furry friend suffers from dog grooming anxiety, it might be a good idea to bring grooming home. Regularly bathe your dog and daily brush their hair and teeth. Add these activities at home so your pup doesn’t only see a hairbrush or bath soap at the groomers. 

By actively doing some of these tasks at home, your dog will get used to the supplies, sounds, and feelings of a grooming session. Your dog will naturally be calmer for their next grooming session because the activity is just like getting it done every day at home.

How Chill Paws Can Help Calm Your Dog

Chill Paws offers CBD oil for dogs. We specialize in creating delicious oil that your dog will love. Our CBD oil is made from organic ingredients and tested by a third-party lab. Try our naturally calming CBD oil for dogs today and see the difference in your grooming adventure. 

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