CBD and the Perfect Spa Day for Your Dog

CBD and the Perfect Spa Day for Your Dog

Our furry companions aren’t exactly capable of asking for what it is that they want.  But, if we could guess, it would be a little extra pampering.  We forget that our precious pups also get tired, develop sore muscles and get stressed out, which is why a home spa day for your dog could very well be in order.

Treating your dog to the perfect at-home spa day doesn’t require fancy products or high-tech grooming equipment.  All that you need is a relaxing home environment, a bathtub and some basic grooming tools that you already have.  And, to really get your dog into a blissed-out state, a little CBD can help, too.  

When’s the Best Time to Give Your Dog an At-Home Spa Treatment?

There’s really no bad day to give your dog an at-home spa treatment, but it is something to consider if your dog has been in some kind of physical or emotional distress recently.  A spa day can help them feel better, both in terms of their aches and pains, their fatigue and their mood, by calming their nervous system and supporting their musculoskeletal systems.  It’s also a way to squeeze in some of the not-so-fun parts of grooming, like nail trimming, when they’re in an elevated state of relaxation.

Of course, we do recommend planning for this when you know you’ll have a good several hours of free time.  A spa day for your dog should never be rushed, and you don’t want to suddenly have to be somewhere while your dog is still soaking in the tub.

#1: Start with a Calm Environment

To get your dog’s spa day started, you’ll need to do what you can to mellow out the vibes of your home.  This means more relaxed lighting and calm music – whatever it takes to make sure your dog is less easily distracted and that their nervous system is completely at ease.  We underestimate just how much things like light and sound can stimulate a dog’s nervous system, and the goal here is to calm them down as much as possible.  

#2: A Little CBD Can Go a Long Way

Giving your dog some CBD Treats or some drops of CBD Oil can have a soothing effect that will benefit both you and them.  It can make them more cooperative so that you can get through the various “spa treatments” more easily, while giving them the sense of inner bliss that they so deserve.  Cannabidiol is known to have a balancing effect on nervous system function that can put the mind and body at ease.  Besides that, its anti-inflammatory properties can help their bodies feel their very best, too, especially if their muscles and joints have been bothering them.  

#3: Grab the Treats

Yes, you’ll need treats to help your dog along the process of their spa treatment.  Treats will come in handy when you’re trimming their nails, getting them into the tub and keeping them still while you dry them off.  A lot of dog owners actually smear peanut butter along the tub as this will keep your dog’s interest while you wash them and give them a reason to stay exactly where they are.

#4: Give Their Nails a Trim

Now it’s time for the “spa treatments” to begin.  The first is trimming their nails, which is not the most relaxing treatment for you or your dog, but it is necessary.  Make sure you’re using your dog’s dedicated nail clippers and give them plenty of treats to reward them for behaving.

#5: Start the Bath

Now you can start the bath.  Remember that dogs should never soak in water that contains bath products used for humans, like essential oils or scented salts, both of which can be toxic and irritating to their skin.  If you want to soften your dog’s skin and fur while helping with irritation, add a little plain rolled oats to the water.  This is a dog-friendly ingredient that can improve the condition of their skin as well as their coat.

#6: Clean and Condition Their Coat

Next, it’s time to shampoo and condition their coat.  Again, you’ll want to make sure you’re using products that are made just for dogs, to avoid exposing them to harsh or dangerous ingredients.  Shampoo them before rinsing them thoroughly and follow up with a conditioning treatment that will leave their coat soft and shiny.  

#7: Dry Them Off 

When you’re done in the tub, it’s time to drain the water and start drying them immediately.  Try to wrap them in a large towel before they actually make their way out of the tub to prevent water from getting everywhere.  Keep the towel wrapped around them while rubbing their coat vigorously to remove as much excess water as possible.

#8: Brush Out Their Coat

To prevent tangling, use a comb or a brush made for a dog’s coat to brush them out from head to toe, as their coat is in the process of drying.  If your dog’s coat is particularly prone to tangling, you can find dog-friendly detangler sprays that will lubricate their fur to make the process easier.

Your Dog Deserves Some Pampering 

All dogs deserve a day of pampering, and CBD can really enhance every aspect of their special spa day, from mellowing them out mentally to soothing their delicate paw pads with natural, nourishing ingredients.  At Chill Paws, you’ll find premium-quality CBD treats, oils, and balms that all contain lab-tested, organically derived hemp extract blended carefully with plant-based ingredients that are both safe for and appealing to our furry friends.  

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