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Chill Paws 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs comes in a 30ml bottle.

🐶 16.7mg per dropper
☀️ Made with organic ingredients
🌿 Made with Full Spectrum CBD
🔬 3rd party lab-tested
🌴 Located in Santa Monica, California
💙 Made in the USA


Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Oil, MCT Oil

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How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Our 500mg CBD oil comes in a convenient liquid form with a dropper top for easy application. If your dog has never tried CBD, we recommend starting with just a half dropper (0.5ml) and increasing the dose by half increments until you get the desired effects. Every dog reacts differently to CBD regardless of its size, so you will need to monitor how they respond to each dose.

Here is how you can apply Full Spectrum CBD oil for dogs and the respective time it will take for any effects:

  • Apply directly into the mouth - 20 to 60 minutes to take effect
  • Apply onto dog food or dog treats - 45 to 90 minutes to take effect 

how to give cbd to your dog


We recommend starting with a half dropper and monitoring how your pet responds. Each animal responds to CBD slightly differently. Increase in half increments until you find what works best for your pet.


What is the difference between 500mg and 125mg?

Our 500mg option is designed with medium to large dogs (over 25 lbs) in mind. For smaller dogs our 125mg option is a better fit.

What is the correct dosage for my pet?

Each pet responds slightly differently to CBD. If your pet has never tried CBD, we recommend starting with half a dropper and working your way up. Monitor how your pet responds. Gradually increase the dosage until you find the best dosage for your pet. For example some of our customers found that 2-3 droppers work best for their pet, where others have used less to receive the desired effects.

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Food and drug administration (FDA) Disclosure

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. 

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Barbara J.
United States United States

Chilling peanut out

If I don't give Peanut and chill out drops it would absolutely dry me up the wall I'm so glad that I watched Facebook with Gus Gus on it and seen about the chill medicine I didn't see that then I would have never found out about this and it does its job but I wish I can give them the drops in his mouth because I have to put it on his treat because he doesn't like the taste of it I wish they would try to fix the taste of it so they would like it better because I seem to waste more putting dropped on his treats then drops in his mouth because it's expensive too and I wish they would drop the price down a little bit or give people discounts that use it all the time but overall I love this product especially when there's a thunderstorm or I have to go out somewhere and 4th of July any kind of fireworks he chills out I love my little boy and his well-being means a lot to me because he means the world to me and I just don't trust them to just anyone or anything sincerely Barbara Elliot and peanut thank you the first

Brianna G.
United States United States

Amazing product!!

We use this on our senior pitbull and it has worked wonders for her!! Her mobility and anxiety has improved so much since we started her on this!!

Barbara J.
United States United States

Peanuts Elliott and Barbara Elliott's review

When he chills out I like it I just wish he would take the drops in his mouth instead of I have to put it on something to cover the taste up because he doesn't like the taste so I got to put it on some beef jerky and the cat treats are this squeeze up and I put a little squeeze up on top of it the beef jerky and it eats it my dog eats cat food he doesn't eat dog food I don't know I think he thinks he's a cat I'm not sure but anyway it works for him but it just takes a little bit longer but I just wish you would take the drops in his mouth and you know I'm not going to fight them to put it in his mouth and you know give him more anxiety you know to do that but I do like it overall I wish it was a little bit cheaper because it is expensive I just wish you know it wasn't so much money but I do like it and I'm about to order some right now because I am out because of the 4th of July and you know I have to use so much because I have to put it on the beef jerky and if I didn't have to do that and just put the drops in his mouth you know I wouldn't use so much of it but he won't have it any other way so got to do what I got to do right I love them to death you know so I just want to be comfortable I don't want him to be you know all stressed out and stuff I do that for everybody in this house believe me I do like your products a lot but I just wish I can get it at a lower price thank you very much and I'm glad I found this product by watching Facebook I was watching Gus Gus videos she was giving it to that's how I came to know about this thank you very much for making something that doesn't hurt my dog that helps him out I appreciate it

Barbara J.
United States United States

Coming down my chihuahua peanut before he drives me crazy

Was giving him the drops it helps me a lot it calms them down because this Chihuahua boy is like strung out like he has so much energy I wish I had I mean my forecast can't walk across the floor without peanut going underneath of her and lifting her straight off the ground but it's cold nose going in our little hiney and he's got the coldest little news and she gets so mad at him and she knows that her baby and she will not hurt him at all sometimes she gets mad and she lets him have it and not too often but it has calmed him down I wish it was calm as barking down I mean I even had him neutered May 3rd but this boy he barks at the wind he parked at people even when they're out of sight like there be somebody walking down the street and he'll bark the whole time that person is walking down the street and when the person's finally added the way not to be seeing anywhere he still barking but yes the drops help me a lot I do have to cover up the taste I have to put it on a street because he doesn't like the taste of the drop we do cover up the taste believe me I would probably have my husband hold him down to get the drops in them that's how Rowdy he is but yes I love your product your product helps me a lot because he's one Rowdy little peanut head and the poor cat Dallas peaches appreciate you too I see you have drops for cats but she doesn't need anything she has her catnip and thank you for coming out with it I really do like your products and I'll be ordering some more soon cuz I'm almost out believe it or not I mean he's only a 9 lb Chihuahua but it takes a lot to calm him down and I just don't want to give them too much and have something happens on and again thank you for making this product and I appreciate it sincerely Barbara Elliott and peanut and Dallas peaches

Barbara J.
United States United States


Well it was okay but I'm so problems with them I think I just need to go have him speed it which I didn't want to do that because there's not enough handsome dogs around and my doubt pieces here I would like to try these treats but a little hesitant about that because then he treats he really gets into his beef jerky his father only takes him out to your party I know you have treats that have this medicine in it so please be careful and it takes forever for it to get here get that at all