What to Know About Leaving Your Dog with a Sitter When Traveling

What to Know About Leaving Your Dog with a Sitter When Traveling

Although most of us wish that we could spend every waking moment with our canine companions, the reality is that we live busy lives which often require that we leave our dogs behind.  This is especially true when it comes to traveling, as, while some travelers can take their dogs with them, most of us have to keep them home as we embark on a journey.

Of course, when we do have to go away, we can’t exactly leave our pets alone for days at a time.  That’s when a dog sitter is necessary.  While you may be worried that your dog will be uneasy in the hands of someone other than yourself, there are ways to make sure that they feel as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about their wellbeing. 

Finding the Perfect Sitter

Naturally, it’s very important to be selective when deciding who is going to be tasked with caring for your precious companion.  Generally speaking, you have two options: 

  • Option #1: Have a loved one watch your dog.
  • Option #2: Hire a professional dog sitter.  

Each choice comes with its unique advantages.

Loved Ones

Having a loved one, such as a family member or close friend, stay with your dog means:

  • Your canine will feel comfortable as they already know them.
  • Your friend or family member already has an idea of your dog’s temperament, likes, dislikes, and routine.  

Professional Dog Sitter 

Besides the fact they get paid to do this, this is someone who has the following skills:

  • Reliability you can count on.
  • Knows the needs of dogs very well.
  • Is especially trustworthy in emergency situations.  

Advice: If you are going to use a professional dog sitter, it is important to do some research on them beforehand to make sure that there are positive reviews, and that they are properly qualified to take care of your furry friend.

What to Do Before You Go Away

Making sure that your pet is comfortable when you’re traveling requires that you make the right preparations before you embark.

Tip #1: Provide Clear Instructions

Whoever is watching your dog needs clear instructions regarding feeding time, bathroom breaks, walks, play and other things that are part of their routine.  Nobody knows your dog’s specific needs except for you, so you must be as clear as possible so that your canine is receiving the same care that they do when you’re home.

Tip #2: Familiarize Your Pet with Their Sitter Beforehand

If it’s possible, have the sitter spend time with your pet before you go away, while you’re in their presence.  If you can, have the sitter feed them their dinner or engage in play with their favorite toy.  This helps your dog learn to trust the sitter so that when you’re leaving them alone together, your dog has already learned to feel comfortable around them.

Tip #3: Leave Contact Information, and the Number of Their Veternairan 

While very unlikely that a medical emergency will occur while you’re away, it is important to leave your veterinarian’s info and your contact info just in case.  This can put your mind at ease to know that if something should go wrong, your pet’s health is being addressed and that you will know as soon as something happens.

Tip #4: Spend Extra Time with Your Furry Friend

Before you do leave, make sure to spend time with your pet and give them extra love and affection.  Dogs are quite intuitive, and they can often tell when you’re planning a trip.  Being affectionate with them and playing with them more can make them feel more secure that you’re not going to abandon them.

Tip #5: Keep Disruptions to a Minimum

If you can, keep disruptions as minimal as possible prior to leaving.  Don’t leave huge suitcases around in the living room for days and keep feeding them at the same time daily leading up to your trip.  Dogs are creatures of habit, so they tend to feel uneasy when it comes to changes in their routine.

What to Do While You are Away

Once you are away, there are some other things that you can do to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible while your dog is under someone else’s care.

#1: Check in

Yes, it is a good idea to check in at least one a day with your dog’s sitter, to make sure that your pet is happy, and that their needs have been taken care of.  Keep in mind that dogs may show signs of uneasiness when you are away no matter what, and that ultimately, they will be okay.

#2: Consider a Video Chat with Your Furry Companion

A lot of dogs actually respond well to video chats, such as FaceTime, where they can see their owner’s face and hear their voice.  So, if you can, try to set this up at some point during your journey.

Giving Your Pet CBD When You Will Be Away

Dogs who are particularly prone to stress and anxiety may benefit from cannabidiol (CBD) while you’re away from home, to keep them calmer overall.  CBD is a hemp derivative that more veterinarians are recommending for dogs who are easily distressed.  Why?  Because mainly it’s non-intoxicating and nontoxic.  Not to mention, works with their endocannabinoid system that supports homeostasis of the mind and body.

Also, we cannot stress these things enough:

  1. Talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet cannabidiol, because they can determine the best methods based on their medical needs.  
  2. Only choose a CBD-based product that is made for pets, which will contain ingredients safe for dogs, along with dosing guidelines appropriate for their body weight.  
  3. We recommend giving your dog CBD once a day, as the cannabinoid can accumulate in their system to be more effective over the course of time.  

Chill Paws: Premium CBD Products for Pets 

Did you know Chill Paws’ customers are loving dog owners who want to give their pets only the finest holistic solutions to their uneasiness?  So, it is no surprise then, that many dog owners give their furry friends our CBD treats and CBD tinctures to keep them at ease while they travel.  We offer lab-tested formulas with clean ingredients so that they can be gentle on your pet’s body while delivering the compounds known to offer useful properties to their nervous system.  

Try Chill Paws CBD products today so that your dog can receive support from this natural and holistic compound!

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