Using Pet CBD Oil to Cook Something Up for Your Furry Companion

Using Pet CBD Oil to Cook Something Up for Your Furry Companion

As you have probably heard by now, a lot of pet owners are finding enormous success with giving hemp to their furry companions.  Like us, pets have endocannabinoid systems in their bodies, which allow them to easily and usefully process cannabinoids such as CBD.  This means that the pet hemp industry is booming, offering a wide variety of exciting products such as pet treats, tinctures and topicals that all contain active doses of quality cannabinoids.

But, some pet owners are taking matters into their own hands by cooking up yummy pet edibles with pet CBD oil.  This means that you too can produce your own treats and other edible goods for your furry friend based on their unique needs and preferences.  Today, we’ll be talking about how to be a master at creating hemp-infused edibles for your cat or dog.

What is Pet CBD Oil?

To make pet edibles, you need to have pet CBD oil.  Pet CBD oil is simply a blend of hemp extract and a carrier oil that’s safe for your precious companion to ingest.  One thing that makes CBD pet oil unique is that it has a milligram strength that’s appropriate for pets rather than humans.  To buy the right pet CBD oil for your cooking ventures, you have to make sure that you choose a milligram strength based on their body weight.  Every pet CBD product has information regarding the milligram strength and a pet’s body weight on the label, so read the label carefully before selecting a product.

Why You Might Want to Cook with Pet CBD Oil

Cooking with pet CBD oil allows you to have more control over what it is that you’re giving your pet.  It allows you to control the ingredients as well as the dosage level.  Some pets are picky eaters, and some have allergies to certain ingredients commonly found in pet goods.  By making your own edibles from scratch, you can ensure that they’ll eat it and that it will agree with their bodies.

Can You Cook with Pet CBD Oil?

Yes, you can absolutely cook with CBD pet oil.  In fact, that’s what the CBD companies themselves are doing when they’re making hemp treats for cats and dogs.  However, there are some rules that you need to follow in order to create a successful batch of edibles, so follow the guide below.

Cooking with Pet CBD Oil: What to Know

If you’re gonna be your pet’s chef, here are some important things to keep in mind.


Tip #1: Know the Right Dosage Level

First, you want to make sure that you dose each serving size properly.  Do this by considering the dose you want to give them each day, and then multiply that number by the number of serving sizes that the recipe will produce.

Tip #2: Choose an Ideal Milligram Strength

Also, make sure that you use the right milligram strength so that you’re giving your pet the perfect amount of CBD per dose.

Tip #3: Find an Easy Recipe

We suggest starting with an easy recipe because this decreases the chances of making mistakes and having to throw out a whole batch, which will mean that you’ve wasted precious CBD oil.  Find a recipe online for a hemp edible that you know will appeal to your pet, and follow it carefully. 

Tip #4: Watch the Temperature

Bear in mind that you should not cook CBD oil above 365 degrees, or else the compounds can break down, meaning that they won’t actually have any properties to offer to your pet.  Once the CBD compounds have exceeded this temperature, they destabilize quickly, losing their potency.  This would defeat the purpose of giving your pet CBD in the first place.

Tip #5: Make Sure to Appeal to Your Pet’s Palate

A lot of us have pets who are picky eaters.  This means that we can drive ourselves crazy trying to find something that appeals to their palate.  So, keep this in mind when making a recipe.  Make sure that you use a flavor that you know you pet finds irresistible, as it will greatly increase the likelihood that they’ll want to completely finish their daily dose of hemp each day.  For example, if your cat likes fish, make a hemp edible that contains salmon oil, as many fish-loving cats find this flavor and smell absolutely impossible to resist.  Flavor if very important if you want your pet to consume the edible as needed.

Making Pet Edibles is Easier Than It Sounds

This is due to CBD pet oil becoming so readily available on the market.  If you want to create edible goods for your pet, use this guide to go about it properly.  And, remember that it takes some practice, so don’t be discouraged if the first batch is not up to par.

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