Settling Your Dog’s Appetite Issues with the Help of CBD

Settling Your Dog’s Appetite Issues with the Help of CBD

As pet owners, we prioritize the well-being of our pets, and go to enormous effort to make sure that they are in good health and happy. We devote lots of time to choosing the best food, staying on top of vet appointments and giving them ample play, love and affection.

But, as we all know, our pets can experience health issues from time to time, even if we’re really doing our best to take care of them. To make things even more difficult, our pets are unable to tell us what’s wrong, what they’re feeling and why they have developed these symptoms. So, we have to pay careful attention to their bodies and needs through careful observation.

One thing that affects many dogs is a lack of appetite. A loss of appetite is something that affects most dogs from time to time, but it can vary in severity. This can happen intermittently or develop suddenly and become severe enough that our furry friend begins to noticeably lose weight. We’ll talking about what can cause a loss of appetite in dogs, and how it’s commonly treated. We will also discuss how CBD might be able to help.

What are the Signs that a Dog is Struggling with Their Appetite?

Of course, the most obvious sign that your dog is struggling with their appetite is that they’re not eating. Now, sometimes dogs regulate their own digestive systems by skipping a meal from time to time. In fact, in nature, dogs go through fasting periods to maintain their health. But, if your dog is skipping multiple meals, or skips meals frequently, this can be a sign that something is off.

Other symptoms that can accompany a loss of appetite are a low mood, fatigue, weight loss, dehydration, digestive issues and stress. At the end of the day, if your dog is showing any concerning signs relating to appetite loss, it is important that you see your vet as soon as possible.

What Can Cause Low Appetite in a Dog?

Lots of factors can contribute to a loss of appetite or a low appetite. Allow us to discuss some of the most common reasons.

Cause #1: Dietary Issues

Sometimes, a dog can lose their appetite because of the food that you’re feeding them. It’s possible that the food doesn’t agree with their palate, or that there’s an ingredient that doesn’t make them feel good, which would make them want to avoid that food altogether.

Cause #2: A Food Allergy

Your dog may be avoiding their food as a way to tell you that they are allergic or intolerant to an ingredient in its formula. Our dogs know their bodies very well, and can usually tell when something doesn’t agree with them.

Cause #3: Depression

If a dog is depressed, they may lose their appetite altogether. Other depression signs include a lack of energy and changes in behavior.

Cause #4: Stress and Anxiety

If your dog is stressed or anxious, they may skip meals. After all, we tend to do this too.

Cause #5: Recent Change in Their Daily Life

If your dog has experienced a major change lately, such as the loss of a family member or a move to a new place, they may temporarily lose their appetite as they adjust.

Cause #6: An Underlying Illness

Sometime a low appetite can indicate an underlying illness.

How Low Appetite in Dogs is Commonly Treated

Most often, a dog with a low appetite will be given a specialty food that is formulated to be more appealing to their nose. Other times, they may be given a medication that boosts the appetite.

CBD and Appetite in Dogs: Can It Help?

So, what does CBD have to do with your dog’s appetite? Well, as you know, more and more pet owners have been giving CBD to their furry friends. This is because we know for a fact that all mammals, including humans, dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems. This is a bodily system that takes cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and processes them in a way that’s highly useful to the body. The endocannabinoid system has cannabinoid receptors all along your digestive tract, including parts that control their appetite.

Giving Your Pet CBD to Help with Their Appetite: What to Know

If you want to start your dog on a hemp regimen for their appetite, first, you must speak to your vet. Your veterinarian may be able to help you come up with a plan based on their body and specific needs. Then, you must find a CBD product that is specifically formulated for your dog’s body weight. Pet hemp companies clearly state on the label which body weight range is compatible with a particular product.

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