How to Make Your Cat Less Scared of Strangers

How to Make Your Cat Less Scared of Strangers

Nobody likes seeing their beloved cat cowering under furniture when you have guests over. It can seem even worse when you have guests staying for an extended period. If your cat doesn’t like visitors, they may even become aggressive and attack your guests. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to make your cat less scaredof strangers.

Why Are Cats Sometimes Scared of Strangers?

When cats are skittish towards strangers, it’s often because they weren’t socialized enough with different humans when they were young kittens. They may also have a more timid disposition and become easily frightened. Some studies have shown that kittens sired by skittish fathers are more prone to being fearful. Cats can also act scared and anxious if they have underlying health issues, so be sure to have your pet checked out by a vet if this behavior is a recurring issue.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Behavior modification is one of the best methods of how to make your cat less scared of new people and things. This training is effective with dogs, but it may take a little more time and finesse with your feline. To change their behavior, you should offer positive reinforcements in the face of their triggers. In the case of cats who don’t like visitors, you’ll first want to set up a safe space for them in a spare room. Make them comfortable with their bed, toys, food, and water. Put them in the room shortly before guests arrive and give them a special treat. You could also use an automated treat dispenser to reward them while visitors are in your home.

Desensitizing Your Cat to Visitors

Learning how to make your cat less scared with desensitizing training can be tricky but offers long-lasting results. This method also uses positive reinforcement. The idea is that you will give your cat small amounts of exposure to strangers at a distance and reward them for good behavior. Very slowly, you can increase their exposure to guests and shorten the distance between them, being careful not to overdo it and cause a relapse.

Calming Your Scaredy Cat With CBD

Some cats do not respond well to training. In these cases, it can be helpful to use CBD oil for cats or CBD treats to give your cat feelings of calm and relaxation. CBD is safe for daily use in cats and can also be used in conjunction with training. CBD is an all-natural strategy for how to make your cat less scared and improve their quality of life.

When guests arrive at your home, there are often plenty of loud noises with greetings, luggage being hauled about, and the presence of children. It’s easy to see why cats can become frightened, especially around the holidays. Keeping CBD on hand is a quick and easy way to give them comfort. Shop with Chill Paws for affordable, high-quality pet CBD oil you can trust. 

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