A cat is taking an aggressive stance while walking on a path outside

CBD Oil for Aggression

Aggression is when a pet acts hostile, causes injury, or exhibits destructive behavior towards another being, either human or animal. Aggression can have very serious results and is the number one reason why pet owners seek help for their pet’s behavior. If left unchecked, aggression can lead to attacks, bites, and grave injuries.

Recognizing True Aggression

To humans, sometimes natural animal behavior can look aggressive and downright harsh. For example, puppies explore the world with their mouth, and they nip and become mouthy when playing with people or other animals. This is not aggression and is normal behavior. When puppies nip too hard, a time-out is in order. As dogs grow into teenagers and adults, they may play rough and make a lot of vocalizations that can seem aggressive. This rough play is also natural and a great form of exercise.

Reasons for Aggression

Dogs may act aggressively due to anxiety, fear, being on a leash, feeling the need to guard food, toys, sleeping areas, or people, and from certain triggers such as small children, hats, or strangers. These reasons can usually be resolved with training and training aids.

When dogs become injured or sick, they may growl, bare their teeth, or snap at others to protect themselves. A sudden change in your dog or cat’s behavior like this means you should take them to the vet to assess whether there is a medical cause.

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats in Aggression Training

When training an aggressive animal, it is best to work with a professional. They can help you determine the root causes and give you training exercises specific to your pet’s needs. Reward-based training is typically the most successful. Animals that are experiencing anxiety and fear along with aggression can benefit the most from CBD oil. CBD helps pets to relax and enter a state of calm. For dog and cat aggression, CBD oil may be used in combination with short-term exposure to the animal’s triggers, while slowly increasing exposure over time.

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