How Important is the CO2 Extraction Process When It Comes to CBD Pet Oils?

How Important is the CO2 Extraction Process When It Comes to CBD Pet Oils?

More pet owners are discovering that they can give CBD to their furry companions due to the fact that all mammals process hemp compounds in basically the same manner. We’re seeing that the veterinary community is beginning to embrace CBD, and pet owners are responding by running out and purchasing pet-friendly CBD products to give to their dogs and cats.

Of course, someone who is buying CBD for their pet for the very first time likely has a lot of questions, such as, is it safe to give a pet high doses of CBD? What’s the proper strength of CBD for my pet’s breed? How well will my pet tolerate the taste of CBD?

All of these questions are important, without a doubt. However, there’s one even more important question that frequently gets overlooked: how was the CBD extracted in the first place? Believe it or not, how the compounds in hemp were extracted from the hemp material makes an enormous difference in terms of the quality, effectiveness and longevity of a CBD oil.

Today, we’ll be talking about the CO2 extraction process, which is the best one out there if you care about quality and having a CBD product that will last for a long time.

What’s the CO2 Extraction Process Anyway?

CBD pet oils, and all CBD oils, are oil solutions that contain the plant compounds that naturally occur in hemp, a member of the cannabis family. Essentially, when you buy a CBD pet oil, what you’re buying is a hemp concentrate that’s combined with a carrier oil that’s easy to digest. So, how does the hemp plant get turned into a thick, concentrated oil that’s full of all of those wonderful plant compounds?

Well, the answer is an extraction process. An extraction process is any process that extracts crucial compounds out of plant material. And, when it comes to the hemp plant, the CO2 method is the most popular by far.

This process consists of applying pressurized CO2 to the hemp plant material. It’s worth pointing out that this pressurized CO2 is extremely low in temperature. During this process, the CO2 gas slowly evolves into a liquid. This liquid is then run through the hemp plant material, and the unique chemical properties of CO2 allow the thick membranes of the plant to break down easily. This allows the chemical compounds to be lifted from the plant material before the plant material is discarded. What you end up with is a thick, highly concentrated oil containing nothing but hemp plant compounds.

Is it Superior to Other CBD Extraction Methods?

Simply put, yes, the CO2 method is superior to all others. This is for a number of reasons, which we will be getting into. But, allow us to say that whenever you buy a CBD oil for your pet, or even for you, for that matter, go with one that has been extracted via this method.

How Does the CO2 Extraction Process Benefit Your Pet?

Here are some specific ways in which this method ensures a superior CBD pet oil.

#1: Your Pet’s CBD Oil Will Last Longer

First, CO2-extracted CBD has a longer shelf life than CBD that was extracted using another method. This is because this method doesn’t damage some of the critical compounds in the ways that other methods do. When compounds are damaged during the extraction process, their lifespans are dramatically shortened.

#2: Your Pet’s CBD Oil Will Have More Hemp Compounds

The CO2 extraction method is pretty much the only method that guarantees that all of the important hemp compounds make it into the concentrate. Therefore, a CBD pet oil that was extracted using this method will have as many compounds as possible, and in the highest volumes.

#3: Your Pet’s CBD Oil Will Be Free of Harmful Bacteria

Another huge benefit of this unique extraction method is that it’s very efficient when it comes to removing bacteria that naturally exists on the plant material. Obviously, you want to give your pet a CBD oil that doesn’t contain harmful germs, right?

#4: Your Pet’s CBD Oil Will Be Free of Impurities

Another thing that the CO2 method successfully accomplishes is removing impurities that could be harmful to your pet. Hemp is a plant that naturally absorbs many of the chemical compounds of its surroundings, and many of these compounds can be harmful. For example, hemp can absorb pesticides, herbicides and pollutants that exist in the environment in which it is grown.

#5: Your Pet’s CBD Oil Will Be Free of Carcinogens

Some cheaper extraction methods result in a CBD oil that’s carcinogenic, mainly due to high amounts of heat that damage the integrity of the plant compounds. It goes without saying that you don’t want to be giving your furry friend a carcinogenic CBD pet oil.

#6: Your Pet’s CBD Oil Will Be More Chemically Stable

Last but not least, there’s chemical stability. Your pet’s CBD oil is more chemically stable when extracted via the CO2 process. Like we said earlier, this process best preserves those chemical compounds, meaning that it allows them to maintain their structural integrity. This ensures that the compounds last for a longer time, but it also ensures that they are more resilient to environmental factors like heat and light.

Therefore, your pet’s CBD oil will be more tolerant of travel, a number of storage methods, being shaken and more. Now, it’s pretty clear that you should go with a CO2-extracted CBD pet oil, wouldn’t you say?

When it Comes to Your Pet’s CBD Oil, CO2 Extraction is the Way to Go

This process better preserves the stability of the chemical composition while successfully removing harmful bacteria and impurities. It also ensures that the resulting concentrate has as many of those wonderful plant compounds as possible. If you’re ready to give your pet CBD, speak to your vet and go with a pet-friendly hemp company such as Chill Paws that utilizes the CO2 extraction method.

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