Could CBD Help Your Gassy or Bloated Pet?

Could CBD Help Your Gassy or Bloated Pet?

Most of us experience occasional gassiness or bloating from time to time, and most often it has to do with our diet. But cats and dogs are also prone to these two common digestive symptoms, only they can’t easily let us know that they’re dealing with discomfort. This is why as pet owners; we have a responsibility to pay careful attention to what’s going on with our pets bodies.

If your pet is dealing with gas or bloating, you may wanna try giving them CBD. We’ll be explaining the connection between hemp and your pet’s digestive tract. However, before we get into that, let’s briefly talk about why your pet may be gassy or bloated in the first place.

Signs That Your Pet is Gassy or Bloated

Of course, the easiest way to know that a pet is gassy or bloated is if they are passing gas frequently. However, it’s not always easy to detect this. We can also handle our pet’s abdomen gently to see if it’s distended or put our ear up to it to see if we hear the sounds of excessive gas moving along the digestive tract.

Other signs that a pet is dealing with these symptoms is that they’re lethargic. If the bloating and gas are severe enough, they may be in too much pain to want to move. And, they will likely reject food as these symptoms can ruin their appetite.

What Can Cause Gas and Bloating in Your Pet’s Body?

So, what can cause gas and bloating in a pet? These are the most common culprits.

Factor #1: Poor Diet

If your pet is consuming a diet that isn’t ideal for their body, they can easily develop gas and bloating as the digestive tract is struggling to properly process the ingredients. Diets high in gluten and other starches, or full of synthetic flavoring additives can all contribute to these symptoms.

Factor #2: Food Allergies

Another common culprit is a food allergy. A pet may be allergic, or just intolerant to a particular ingredient in the food that you give them daily. If you suspect this may be the case, speak to your vet about doing an allergy test.

Factor #3: A Digestive Disorder

A digestive disorder such as irritable bowel disease or a parasitic infection can cause all kinds of digestive upset, including gas and bloating.

Factor #4: Overeating

If your pet eats too much, their digestive tract can become very bloated due to the high volume of food.

Factor #5: Tainted Food

In rare cases, these symptoms can indicate that the food has been tainted in some way.

Factor #6: Eating Too Fast

A lot of pets eat too fast, and this can cause them to swallow excessive amounts of air. This can lead to gas and bloating.

How Gas and Bloating are Usually Treated in Cats and Dogs

Gas and bloating in pets can be treated in a number of ways, based on the cause. They can be given a medication that helps with excessive gas along the digestive tract. Or, they may need to change their diet because the problem has to do with the food. If it’s indicative of a deeper issue, they may receive treatment for whatever disorder or infection they have.

CBD for Gas and Bloating: Can it Help?

Well, what we do know is that our pets have endocannabinoid systems, just like we do. This means that they have cannabinoid receptors all along their digestive tracts which are fully capable of processing cannabinoids like CBD in a way that’s very useful to them. We know that cannabinoids like CBD and others that naturally occur in hemp may help regulate bodily processes, including the ones involved in the digestive system.

Giving Your Pet CBD for Gas and Bloating

If you wish to give your pet CBD for gas and bloating, first speak to your veterinarian. They may be able to help you come up with a daily routine that’s the most effective. Also, seek out a pet-specific CBD product that’s formulated specially for your pet’s body weight. Try giving them CBD daily so that the hemp compounds remain in their system throughout the day. This also allows the cannabinoid to build up in the body which may be more useful overall.

Final Pet Thoughts

If your pet seems to be gassy or bloated, you can bet that they’re experiencing some level of discomfort, and they can’t tell you. This is why it’s important to try these symptoms quickly so that they can feel better in no time. If you want to try giving your pet CBD to help with these symptoms, speak to your vet and find a pet-specific hemp product from a trusted CBD manufacturer.

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