6 Ways to keep your pet safe this winter

6 Ways to keep your pet safe this winter

As winter settles in, it's important to ensure that our four-legged companions stay warm and healthy. Dogs, just like humans, are susceptible to the cold weather, and as responsible pet owners, it's our duty to protect them from the harsh winter conditions. In this blog, we'll explore some practical tips on how to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the winter months.

  1. Protect your pet's paws: Ice, snow, and salt on sidewalks can be harsh on your dog's paws. Consider investing in booties to protect your feet from cold surfaces and harmful chemicals. After walks, wipe your dog's paws with a damp cloth to remove any salt or ice. Our 500mg pet CBD balm can help restore and protect your pet's paws after their winter walks.

  2. Keep your pet warm & indoors: If your dog spends time outdoors, make sure they have access to a warm and dry shelter. Insulate their doghouse with blankets or straw to provide extra warmth. Ensure that the shelter is elevated to prevent cold drafts.

  3. Keep your pet active: Regular exercise is crucial for your dog's health, even in winter. Shorten the duration of walks but maintain the frequency. Playing indoors with toys or engaging in mental stimulation activities can also keep your dog active without exposing them to extreme cold.

  4. Grooming Matters: Maintain your dog's coat to provide natural insulation. Brush them regularly to remove dead hair and promote better air circulation. However, avoid shaving them too close to the skin, as the coat provides protection from the cold.

  5. Limit Exposure to Extreme Cold: While dogs love to play in the snow, it's important to monitor their time outdoors. Limit exposure during extremely cold weather, especially for breeds with short coats. If it's too cold for you, it's probably too cold for them. Help protect your pet's joints with our pet CBD oils.

  6. Be prepared: Winter can bring blizzards and power outages. Prepare an emergency kit and include your pet in your plans. Have enough pet food, water and medicine.

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