Excessive Dog Barking

Dog barking in a field

Dogs bark for many reasons. They may be seeking attention for food, a bathroom break, to inform you of a knock at the door, or for play. But, your dog’s barking can also be a sign of anxiety. Territorial dogs will bark to warn intruders not to come closer, or your dog's barking may be due to fear within your loved pet. Once you figure out the cause of your dog's excessive barking, you can move forward to find the right supplement and treatment to help them. 

How CBD Can Help

A healthy endocannabinoid system includes receptors that help balance your dog's need for barking. The receptors will maintain a more relaxed mind and body for your dog while calming the nerves and fears of the outside world. Chill Paws specializes in making CBD oil supplements for dogs to help support the endocannabinoid system by interacting with these receptors and bringing them back to balance.

Chill Paws understands that some dogs may need daily supplements for their anxiety levels which is why we produce high-quality dog CBD oils with the best ingredients for daily or occasional use. As your dog's habit of anxiety barking begins to diminish with our supplements, you will be able to work with your dog to retrain them to focus on other things rather than their fear.

Retraining Your Dog

Our CBD treats can significantly help with your plan for training your dog out of excessive barking. Incorporate them into your routine while you train your dog using these strategies:

  • Work on teaching your dog not to bark in any situation, not just stressful ones
  • Send your dog to daycare or training school for better socialization
  • Provide food dispensing toys while you are away to help with separation anxiety
  • Give your dog extra walk or two during the day or hire a dog walker if you’ll be away
  • Limit what your dog can see to avoid any anxiety-provoking situations
  • Give your dog rewards when they make progression

Add Supplements

Your dog is so important to you, but the noise of barking can strike a nerve in everyone around–even other animals in the home. As you begin this journey to help your dog with their excessive barking, your fur buddy will only love you more for adding Chill Paws tasty CBD chews into its daily diet. Check out our CBD pet products today and start working towards a calm dog and a calm home.