Why Should Pet Owners Consider Giving Their Pets Chill Paws CBD Balm?

Why Should Pet Owners Consider Giving Their Pets Chill Paws CBD Balm?

Does your furry friend struggle with irritated skin, frequent rashes, bug bites or some other form of external discomfort?  If so, it’s time to consider the Chill Paws CBD Balm, which is a natural healing balm made specially for our furry friends.  So many soothing balms and creams on the market may do wonders for us humans, but may be too harsh for pets, or may contain toxic ingredients that cats and dogs definitely shouldn’t consume.  That’s why we have to be extra careful about what we apply to their skin.

All About the Chill Paws CBD Balm for Cats and Dogs

Chill Paws CBD Balm is more than your standard healing balm. Designed especially for the sensitive skin areas of cats and dogs, this balm is great for the paw pads, which are prone to getting chapped and cracked due to various forms of rough terrain.  But that’s not all that it’s useful for.  If your pet’s nose is chapped due to a cold or dry air, a little bit of balm can go a long way.  The same goes for irritated skin caused by eczema, insects and allergic reactions.

Further, CBD finds cannabinoid receptors deep beneath the skin and in the tissue of the muscles.  Therefore, this balm may be able to help with aches and pains as well.

Of course, cannabidiol is the main ingredient of our balm, but there’s additional ingredients in the formula that are both proven to heal skin and be perfectly safe for pets.  

How to Give Your Furry Friend Potential Relief with Chill Paws CBD Balm

Chill Paws CBD Balm was made to be administered with maximum ease.  Most of us pet owners know how challenging it can be to give something to our pet that’s for their own good, like a medication or a sticky topical.  This balm has a smooth, fast-absorbing formula that won’t stress them out, so you can massage it into the affected area quickly for relief within minutes.

Chill Paws CBD Balm can be applied daily up to several times if needed and can be used long-term if your pet has a recurring issue.  Simply scoop a small amount out of the tin and massage it into the pet’s affected area.  Massage it into the area as thoroughly as you can.  Your pet may try to lick off the remaining residue, and this is okay.

Why Chill Paws CBD Pet Balm is Great for Your Pet

So, what makes Chill Paws Pet Balm such a great option for your furry friend?  Let’s go over the reasons.

1. Our Formula is All Natural

We at Chill Paws value natural, plant-based remedies which are safe for our precious companions.  That’s why our formula is 100% all-natural, meaning each and every ingredient is derived from plants that are deemed nontoxic to pets.  You’ll be able to pronounce each ingredient, and you won’t find any fillers or additives that don’t benefit your cat or dog.

2. Unscented

So many pet products on the market are scented in an effort to appeal to cats and dogs, and most pet owners will tell you that this almost always backfires.  It’s hard to fool our pet with a synthetically derived bacon or fish aroma.  Our CBD Balm is unscented, and has a neutral smell that pets will be able to tolerate easily.

3. Works Fast

CBD is a fast-acting compound that absorbs fully into the skin and tissue beneath in a timely manner.  In fact, it may be able to soothe the skin within minutes after application, which is a dream come true for any pet who is truly suffering from discomfort or pain.

4. The Effects Can Last

Further, CBD is known to offer long-lasting effects, as the cannabinoids can stay active for hours at a time.  This means that you won’t need to constantly reapply throughout the day.

5. It Gets Deep Beneath the Surface

CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that it seeks out cannabinoid receptors not just within the skin’s layers, but deep beneath.  These receptors need cannabinoids like CBD to regulate various processes like inflammation, irritation, and health of the nerves.  

6. Contains an Abundance of Therapeutic Ingredients

Plus, our CBD Balm contains more than just cannabidiol.  We use carnauba wax that softens and smooth's the skin in order to heal skin that’s so dry it’s chapped and cracked.  Castor oil doesn’t just heal skin, but also fights fungal and bacterial infections thanks to its natural cleansing properties.  And finally, olive oil offers a rich array of nutrients that benefit the skin holistically.

7. Gentle on Their Skin and Fur

So many balms on the market sound promising on paper, but they’re loaded with unnatural ingredients that are ultimately irritating to the skin, especially when applied repeatedly.  Our formula is as gentle as can be to soothe your pet rather than cause more irritation later on.

8. Contains Some of the Best Hemp Around

The CBD that goes into each batch of CBD Balm comes from hemp that has been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory to verify quality and purity levels.  In other words, we go above and beyond to give your pet the most useful, stable and high quality CBD that’s on the market, because your furry friend deserves only the best.

Grab Some Chill Paws CBD Balm for Your Pet Today!

For topical relief, few formulas suit your precious companion’s needs quite like the Chill Paws CBD Balm.  As you can see, it has what it takes to deliver healing properties in a way that’s gentle and, more importantly, safe for your cat or dog.  If your pet is dealing with some type of skin problem, give this all-natural, expertly crafted balm a try.

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