When and How Often Should You Apply CBD Pet Balm?

When and How Often Should You Apply CBD Pet Balm?

At Chill Paws, we’ve developed a stellar topical formula made specially for cats and dogs.  Our furry friends are just as prone to skin issues as we are, but because most of our pets are covered in fur, these issues may not always be so easily apparent.  

Cats and dogs commonly get chapped, dry paw pads due to the constant abrasion of surfaces.  This is especially true of pets who spend a lot of time outdoors.  Further, our pets can develop skin irritation caused by allergens, bug bites, dry weather and more.

Our CBD Pet Balm is made with an all-natural formula that soothes the skin deeply.  A variety of plant-based oils and waxes heals the skin’s many layers, while CBD provides additional properties to both the skin and the tissue beneath.

Ready to Give Your Pet Some Topical Bliss?

Many of our pet-loving customers ask us when and how often they should apply our CBD Pet Balm.  The answer depends on several factors, which we will be covering thoroughly today so that your pet can finally begin getting the relief that they deserve.

#1: Whether You Have a Cat or Dog

Our CBD Pet Balm is formulated for both cats and dogs, as it’s free of harsh and toxic ingredients.  We know that our pets tend to lick off the residue left behind by a topical, and we therefore went above and beyond to make sure that our formula is as safe as possible.  

Our balm is ideal for skin problems that affect both cats and dogs.  They share many of the same issues in common, such as chapped skin around the nose during the cold, dry months of the year, and irritated paw pads that result from exposure to rough surfaces.  

Whether you have a cat or dog doesn’t matter when it comes to the time of day you give them their daily application, or how often you apply it.  But, because cats tend to spend more time indoors than dogs, you may not need to apply it more than once a day if you have a cat, while a dog may benefit from two or more applications depending on their circumstances.

#2: Pet’s Age

Like babies, our pets are born with soft, brand new skin.  But, as they age, just like us, they are more prone to irritation, dryness, and cracking.  Therefore, the older your pet is, the more they may benefit from more frequent applications.  Treat this based on your pet’s unique case, as ultimately, how often you should apply this balm depends on your pet’s specific condition.

#3: Pet’s Size and Weight

Your pet’s size and weight may determine how much CBD balm you should apply.  The larger the surface area, the more product should be applied, naturally.  Another factor determined by their size or weight is how much CBD it may take to properly activate the regulatory actions produced by the cannabinoid receptors in the skin or muscles.  Therefore, if your pet weighs more than average or is larger in size, then you might want to apply the product once more per day than suggested to make sure that they receive the proper daily dose of cannabinoids.

#4: Whether Your Pet is Mostly Indoors or Outdoors

If your pet is an outdoor or indoor pet makes a difference.  Outdoor pets are far more likely to develop various skin issues.  For one thing, they’re more prone to catching respiratory infections that can affect their nose and eyes, which may cause the skin to become irritated.  Further, they are more prone to bug bites and rashes caused by allergic reactions to various plant materials.  These conditions may be treated by application of the balm.

Also, your pet is more likely to develop issues with their paw pads if they are outdoor pets, because the outdoor terrain is rougher and therefore more likely to irritate their skin.  Indoor surfaces are typically smooth, and therefore not abrasive enough to cause damage to the skin.

If your pet is an outdoor pet, we recommend applying this balm once they get inside, as a preventative against irritation that may occur due to the various factors listed above.

#5: Any Health Conditions Your Pet May Have

If your pet has a specific condition that causes their skin to react poorly, you may consider using/applying twice as many doses as are recommended to them daily.  Because this is a nontoxic product, you don’t have to worry about causing an overdose.  How often you apply the product to your pet mainly depends on the severity of their condition.  For instance, extreme cases of eczema may require several doses a day to make sure that the skin receives an ample supply of the healing ingredients found within the formula.  

If your pet does not have a health condition, but is experiencing minor irritation, dryness, or chapped skin, then once a day should be adequate.

#6: Your Veterinarian’s Advice

Finally, you should follow your vet’s advice regarding the use of this balm.  Before starting your pet on a regimen with this balm, you should ask your veterinarian about CBD, and mention that the product that you’d like to use is meant for topical use.  Your vet knows your pet’s medical history, plus their unique circumstances and present medications.  Hence, they may be able to help you develop a routine that’s fully customized to your furry friend’s specific needs.

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