What new pet parents should know about CBD

What new pet parents should know about CBD

Adopting your first pet can be one of the most exciting moments of your life – and also, one of the scariest.  Suddenly, this adorable animal is completely dependent on us for survival, all while having no ability to verbally communicate their day-to-day needs.  

Quickly, we bond with our new pet, and get into a groove with them so that our larger anxieties fade.  We recognize that caring for a pet is quite instinctual, and more rewarding than words can describe.

Still, especially during the early stages of bonding with a new animal, it’s important to prioritize the needs of their mental and physical wellbeing, especially since they can’t tell us what it is that they’re feeling.  Being in tune with our new furry friends’ needs requires that we pay close attention to their behavior, habits and body language throughout the day to look for clues as to what we can do to support them.  We can also strive to make the healthiest choices for them when it comes to things like diet and exercise.  Another avenue that pet parents are exploring is cannabidiol (CBD), which can offer them a more holistic form of support.

Creating a Calm Home Environment

Both cats and dogs are extremely affected by stress, which can take a toll on not only their mental health, but their physical health.  If a pet is in distress, they’ll be more likely to develop health problems including gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders and autoimmune disorders later on in life.  

A first-time pet owner may not be aware that their pet is in distress.  Pets hide this very well and give off only very subtle clues that they’re stressed out, such as changes in appetite and grooming excessively.  Also, as new pet owners, we may not be aware that our own habits are contributing to their stress, such as failing to maintain consistency with their feeding schedule or constantly having strangers approach them when they’re shy.

CBD is known to interact with cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system that affect our mood, stress response and other factors that relate to stress.  Because of this, many cat and dog parents find that their pets are more at ease with their surroundings if they take their daily serving of CBD.

Enriching Their Life with Exercise and Mental Stimulation

A pet needs an environment that’s both physically and mentally stimulating, or they can get depressed.  One of the most common mistakes that first-time pet owners make is failing to provide them with excitement throughout the day.  Both cats and dogs need a way to use up their high energy levels, as they’re biologically inclined to have moments of hyperactivity throughout the day to enable them to catch prey.  Therefore, they need a lot of physical exercise.

Pets also need mental stimulation, because taking them out of their natural environment and putting them into our homes means that we are taking away their ability to hunt, which is a critical component to their daily routine, biologically speaking.  This is why toys, treat puzzles and window perches are all important.

To support a pet’s ability to make the most of their newly enriched space, some CBD can go a long way.  This cannabinoid can regulate serotonin levels in a way that enhances their motivation, enthusiasm, physical energy, and focus.  That way, they get more enjoyment out of their environment and daily routine.

Supporting Their Bodies with Cannabinoids

Just recently, a study came out that illustrated the way in which cannabidiol can support the bodies of dogs who have osteoarthritis through its potent anti-inflammatory properties.  We know that our pets are prone to physical pain caused by inflammation, and again, they aren’t able to tell us when they’re feeling discomfort, so it’s up to us to look for behavioral changes that indicate physical distress.  But, providing your dog or cat with a daily serving of CBD from a young age may be able to offer support to their bodies that helps keep inflammation levels to a minimum, which can benefit them as they get older.

Maintaining Their Appetite

New pet owners can struggle to get their new furry companion to eat the right amount of food each day.  Many cats and dogs are shy when they first come to a new home, and this shyness can manifest as a disinterest in food until they’re fully secure in their new environment.  Plus, it can be a challenge to find a food that satisfies the more finicky cats and dogs out there.

CBD is commonly used to improve appetite, as the cannabinoid regulates our appetite response and increases our ability to derive pleasure from eating.  Therefore, giving your pet a serving of CBD shortly before dinner could improve the likelihood that they complete and thoroughly enjoy their meal.

Becoming a Pet Foster Parent: Where Does CBD Help Out?

If you’re looking to begin fostering pets, then this can come with a new host of challenges.  Bringing one new pet home requires a lot of work but maintaining a home where new pets are frequently joining your foster family is a whole other series of responsibilities.  This is where CBD can be even more useful.  One of the keys to successfully fostering pets is doing what you can to maintain a positive dynamic between them.  Many pets are threatened by new animals in their space, and CBD can help ground their behavior and make them less reactive as foster animals come and go.  

Make Chill Paws the Ultimate Choice for Your New Pet, So They Feel Right at Home

At Chill Paws, we know that adopting or fostering a new pet can be both challenging and gratifying in a life-changing way.  That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best CBD for pets, using scientifically formulated treats, oils and more.  Our CBD pet products come with clear dosing instructions to make your life easier, while containing only all-natural, pet-friendly ingredients and lab-tested hemp extracts in milligram strengths that are appropriate for the needs of both cats and dogs everywhere.

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