What are the Calmest Dog Breeds?

What are the Calmest Dog Breeds?

If you’re looking to adopt, you might be hoping that you end up with a dog who has a calm, predictable demeanor as this would be a better match for your lifestyle or household.  While we can never perfectly predict what a dog’s personality is going to be, there are certain breeds that are more strongly associated with being even-tempered than others.  

In addition to exploring the calmest dog breeds, it’s important to recognize the many ways in which a dog owner can encourage a calmer personality, as we have more influence over this than we may think.

Top Reasons for Wanting a “Calm” Dog

A calm dog is a one that’s less likely to be aggressive, hyper, and anxious.  They’re generally more mellow, and their personalities are more consistent throughout the day regardless of changing circumstances such as having guests over and eating at the dinner table.  A canine that’s regarded as having a calm personality might be less playful and energetic.  

So, why might you prefer a calmer dog when looking to bring home a new furry companion?

Reason #1: You Have Young Children

It’s common for parents of young children to seek out a calmer dog.  A more reactive dog could be more likely to show aggressive behavior toward children who don’t yet understand how to behave around canines.  And, as young children are already very energetic, throwing a hyper dog into the mix could lead to chaos in the household.

Reason #2: You Have an Aging Dog

Most veterinarians will recommend that if you have an aging dog at home and are looking to adopt a new furry friend to be their companion, it’s best to go with a calmer breed.  An aging dog doesn’t have the energy to keep up with a more energetic buddy and can get extremely stressed by the new dog’s hyperactive behavior.

Reason #3: You’re Unable to Commit Too Much to Training Them

If you’re a person with a busy schedule who just doesn’t have the time to commit to intensive behavioral training, then going with a calm breed will save you a lot of frustration.  

Reason #4: You’re a New Pet Owner

First-time pet owners are more likely to look for a calmer dog breed because they simply don’t have the experience to know how to deal with a dog that is more energetic or anxious.

Reason #5: You’re Getting Older

As we get older, we realize that we don’t have the energy that we used to.  When it comes to adopting a dog, we might want a breed who doesn’t wear us out.

Choosing the Best Breed

Now, this is the part where you might be wondering which breeds are the most strongly associated with having a calm, predictable, and balanced personality?  Well, here’s what canine experts have to say.

Dog Breed #1: Great Dane

While a Great Dane is a large dog when it comes to height, their mellow nature makes them a favorite among those who want a canine with a reliably laidback personality.  They’re excellent with kids, but bear in mind that their size means that they could unintentionally overwhelm a small child.

Dog Breed #2: Greyhound

The behavior of a greyhound when outdoors compared to indoors is like night and day.  Outdoors, they’re extremely energetic thanks to their strong hunting instincts.  But when they’re inside, they’re likely to curl up somewhere comfy.  They’re somewhat shy, but this means that when they’re indoors around people, their manners are usually impeccable.  Still, you’ll need to make sure that they get a lot of exercise when outside, as they do have a lot of energy to burn.  As long as they get in lots of outdoor play and walks, they’ll be a dream for your household.

Dog Breed #3: Bulldog 

Bulldogs are known for being extremely friendly toward people, including children, and being fairly quiet, which is great if you don’t want to hear a lot of barking.  They have a uniquely strong desire to make their owners happy, and so they’re unlikely to give you a lot of trouble in the behavioral department.  Just know that while they’re great with humans, they can be aggressive toward their own species.

Dog Breed #4: Basset Hound

These dogs make great pets, because they’re extremely easygoing to the point of being perceived as downright lazy.  They aren’t particularly vocal, and they aren’t known for being highly energetic.  However, these dogs need an enriched outdoor environment in order to be happy, so they’re only recommended to those who have a nice, grassy yard that they can spend a good deal of time in each day.

Dog Breed #5: Shih Tzu

For fans of small dog breeds, the Shih Tzu can be the ultimate choice.  They’re definitely playful, but they’re also known for being lapdogs who generally don’t give their owners much trouble around the house.  They’re also absolutely great around kids, as they’re not known for being aggressive or particularly reactive.

Your Influence on a Dog’s Sense of Calm

While some breeds are certainly known for being calmer than others, you still have the responsibility of providing them with a calm environment to suit their personality.  Any dog can feel threatened or nervous if their home is unstable, unpredictable or unsafe in any way.  Besides that, breed only accounts for personality so much.  If a dog had a rough upbringing, for example, their behavior may be less calm than you had hoped.

If your dog is showing behavioral issues, or is so hyperactive that you feel overwhelmed, talk to your vet who can make some recommendations based on their medical needs.  We also recommend considering some CBD, as this hemp-based cannabinoid is tolerated by all dog breeds and is also known for its soothing effect on the nervous system, all while being non-intoxicating and overall gentle.

So, if you go the CBD route, just make sure to choose your product from a company that makes hemp-based formulas exclusively for pets, to avoid harmful ingredients and overly strong concentrations that are only suitable for humans.  Luckily, Chill Paws carries CBD Dog Treats and CBD Oils (250mg and 500mg) that can be administered daily while containing only ingredients that are ideal for their bodies.

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