Is your dog ready for the new year fireworks?

Is your dog ready for the new year fireworks?

We are all excited to welcome the new year but our furry friends may not be as excited as us. Just like the Fourth of July the loud bangs in the air can easily frightened most dogs and cats. Fireworks can be incredibly loud, especially if they’re close by, so this can convince a dog that they are experiencing a serious threat. This is why it’s important to prepare ahead of time to provide your dog or cat with a safe environment.  

Here are a few tips to help your dog or cat keep chill this New Year's Eve.

TIP #1: Keep your dog inside

If you’re having guests over, consider keeping things outdoors or in a separate room, so that your dog can stay inside in a peaceful environment.

TIP #2: Workout during the day

Take your dog outside for a long walk or run. Play some fetch with your dog to tire them out so they can rest later in the night when the fireworks start.

Tip #3 Try some Chill Paws pet CBD

We recommend trying our full spectrum CBD dog oil. Our full spectrum CBD dog oil can be given under the tongue or added to their food.  The boasting all-natural ingredients and lab-tested hemp extract, it’s one of the highest-quality options on the market for dogs.

TIP #4: Create a safe environment

One way to keep your pet calmer is to create a safe space in your home in which they can hide until the fireworks are over.  Dogs have an instinct to hide when they sense danger, so consider creating a small fort in your home that gives off a cave-like vibe. They will feel more protected this way. If possible keep them company.

TIP #5: Add some background noise

It’s hard to totally drown out the sound of fireworks but turning on some relaxing music or white noise can help. You can also try turning on the TV. The frequencies can dampen the effect of the fireworks just enough to keep your dog less on edge. 

How to use CBD for a dog following a nearby firework display

If you want to try giving cannabidiol to your dog specifically to help with ear pain, there are some especially important things to be aware of beforehand.  Giving your dog CBD requires a carefully developed routine to ensure as much success as possible, as well as safety.

Talk to your veterinarian 

First of all, you absolutely must speak to your vet prior to giving your dog any hemp product. Your vet knows what is best for your dog’s wellbeing and can consider whether or not cannabidiol is advisable based on their present state, medical history, and current medications. Remember, only they can provide medical advice, so you should never give CBD to a dog until after speaking to them. Also, if your canine is taking medications (some can interact with CBD, such as those that inhibit the CYP3A4 enzyme), ask them for additional guidance. 

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