How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Dog

How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Dog

We’ve all been there – our dog is looking or acting extra cute, and we want to snap a picture of the moment to cherish it forever.  But, once we look at the picture that was just taken, our precious pup is a blur, or they’re just not looking as good as they did a moment earlier.

Taking a picture of our dog is easy, but taking a good picture is actually quite hard to pull off.  Our furry friends just aren’t trained to pose for pictures, and are even notorious for moving just as the camera is about to go off.  

Having Your Dog Strike a Clear and Awesome Pose

Good news pet owners, it’s possible that you can train your dog to pose for the perfect portrait, using the same training methods that you already know.

#1: Use the “Sit” Command

First things first – to take a good picture of your dog, you need to get them to stay still.  Before we get into keeping their head still, let’s focus on their body.  The “sit” command goes a long way here, and most dogs are already familiar with it.  

Therefore, if your dog already knows how to sit, start practicing it throughout the day.  Do it at random times throughout the day so that they no longer associate “sit” with specific circumstances like preparing for dinner or staying still when guests come over.  Many dog owners incorporate a secondary command so that they stay seated, such as “stay.”

#2: Train Your Dog to Look at the Camera

Perhaps the trickiest part of getting a dog to look good in a picture is making sure that their head stays still.  Dogs are not a species that loves maintaining eye contact with their owners and tend to look away.  But, if your dog’s head moves while a picture is being taken, you’re not going to get the adorable photo that you want.

This is where a “look at me” command will become useful.  Train your dog to look at you by incorporating this phrase into your other commands, and don’t give them a reward until they are able to maintain eye contact with you for as long as you need them to.

#3: Treats, Treats, and More Treats

It goes without saying that treats are a great way to motivate your dog to follow your commands more strictly.  If it’s really important to you to turn your pup into a more photogenic dog, then use treats to establish these commands and strengthen the association between following them and getting a reward.  

#4: Practice Makes Perfect

Any dog owner who has trained their canine knows this already but, to get your dog to follow these types of commands, you absolutely need to practice.  Be patient, and know that over time, as long as you’re consistent with your training and consistent with rewarding them, they will begin to listen to you and do what’s needed to pose for the perfect picture.  Each dog is different, and some will follow these commands beautifully pretty quickly, while others will require more time.

#5: Start Getting Creative

Once your dog follows “sit” and “look at me” to the point that you can get them to pose for a picture, you can start getting creative with your photos themselves.  This is where you can finally have fun and think of different settings, and even props, for your pictures.  This could be a makeshift backdrop, a cute outfit or a picturesque spot outdoors.

#6: Keep Them Calm

To get your dog to look their best in a picture and stay still, it’s your job to keep them as calm as possible.  A nervous or hyper dog may ignore your commands, no matter how well they were following them before.  You want to keep them calm, which can be more of a challenge depending on your dog’s personality type.

If you know your canine to be one who’s easily distracted, made anxious or energetic, then you may want to consider using some CBD.  A lot of pet owners are using this natural, nontoxic hemp derivative in an effort to mellow out their beloved companion.  The gentle yet soothing nature of cannabidiol comes from the compound’s regulatory influence on the nervous system, and it’s a plant-based products that all mammals can tolerate very well.

#7: Know When the Timing isn’t Right

Sometimes, we do everything that we possibly can to get the perfect picture, but our dog just isn’t cooperating.  And, that’s okay.  If your dog isn’t posing as you want them to, except defeat and wait for another opportunity which will inevitably come.  Sometimes, our dogs are more easily distracted than others, and forcing them to pose when they’re not interested in sitting still is going to frustrate you and them.  While getting a stunning portrait of our furry friend always feels like an achievement, it’s not a pursuit that should involve sacrificing your dog’s emotional and mental needs in the process.

Getting Your Dog Ready for a Photoshoot

Taking a picture of your dog is hard enough – getting your dog into the right headspace for a photoshoot done by another photographer can be even trickier, since the presence of another person can make your dog more easily distracted.  But, the tips above can still be applied.  By using the commands that we discussed earlier, you can get your dog to pose no matter who’s behind the camera.  And, again, some CBD can keep them calmer if they’re the type who is a bit less predictable around strangers.

A Little CBD Can Go a Long Way 

Following these tips should make it much easier to get your dog camera-ready on command, so that you can say goodbye to blurry and otherwise unflattering portraits.  The key is getting your dog to cooperate with your commands and keeping them calm so that they’re more likely to listen to you and stay still until the picture has been taken.

Many of us have fidgety canines, and one of the best ways to remedy this is a serving of CBD.  However, not all CBD is dog-friendly.  At Chill Paws, you’ll find that we go to great lengths to formulate hemp-based formulas made specially for dogs and cats.  That means using dosage amounts appropriate for the needs of their bodies, and only working with ingredients proven to be gentle and safe for them to ingest.  We offer CBD-infused Dog Treats and CBD Oils (250mg and 500mg) that can both get your pup nice and chilled out before a photoshoot.  This way, you can cherish a gorgeous portrait forever.  

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