How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer

Summer is here, and for us dog owners, this can be an exciting time for both us and our furry friends.  Now that the weather is warm, our dogs can enjoy more outdoor activities like hiking, going to the beach and going on long car rides.  But, with the beautiful, inviting weather comes a new host of risks we need to be aware of to keep our beloved companions safe.  Here are the things to be on the lookout for this summer to make sure your dog isn’t in harm’s way.

Beat the Heat

On a hot day, you need to be extra mindful of your dog’s time spent outdoors.  For example, taking them out on a run during a heat wave can put them at serious danger of dehydration, and leaving them outdoors when the temperatures are extremely high can result in heat stroke.  If the temperature is up there, make an effort not leave your dog outside for too long.  Don’t keep them outside, assuming that their doghouse is a safe retreat when they want to cool down, as doghouses can actually trap heat.  If your dog does spend long periods of time outside, consider buying a small kiddie pool and filling it up with cool water, so that your dog can cool off when they want to.  And, of course, make sure to provide your dog with plenty of water so that they can always stay hydrated.

Shelter from the Storm

We know that with warm weather comes the risk of storms that can frighten your dog, particularly because of the sound of thunder which can make them feel incredibly uneasy.  Some storms can really pose a threat to your dog.  For instance, high wind gusts can knock down branches, lightning poses obvious dangers and depending on where you live, you may be prone to tornadoes in the summer.  Because of all of this, make a point to be mindful of the weather, and not keep your dog outside once a bad storm hits.  

Pesky Critters

During the warmer months, all kinds of critters come out from hiding, and your dog may love trying to catch small rodents and bugs.  Just remember, some insects in particular can be dangerous to your dog – mainly ticks, bees, wasps, hornets, and fleas, all of which your yard can be full of.  While we can’t completely avoid these creatures during the summer, there are some simple things we can do in order to minimize them.

  • Some companies will come to your property and treat your lawn against ticks and fleas, by spraying your grass.  Keep in mind though, some of these treatments are more toxic than others, so make sure to ask a company what they use. 
  • You can also treat your dog using a flea and tick preventative.  
  • On top of that, make sure that you keep your grass short throughout the summer, since both ticks and fleas favor tall grass.
  • As for bees, wasps, and hornets, complete mitigation is a bit more challenging.  However, you can purchase traps for all three, and place them in your yard, to reduce their presence.  If you suspect you have a bee, wasp, or hornet nest, consider calling in a specialist who can dismantle and discard it – before your dog does.

Car Rides

You will find many dogs enjoying car rides in the warm weather, with the windows down and the wind blowing through their fur.  Overall, a car ride can be a great activity for your dog, but there are some safety rules to take note on.  

It is common for dogs to stick their heads out the window, but ultimately this can be really dangerous for obvious reasons.  You must never, ever leave a dog in a car with the windows up – even if you think you’re just running into the store to grab something – as this can be fatal.  On a 70 degree day, it can take only 10 minutes for the inside of the car to reach 90 degrees if the windows are up.  On an 80 degree day, it can take just 10 minutes to reach 100 degrees.  

New Environments 

A lot of dogs love day trips to the beach or to the woods, where they can enjoy some exercise in a new environment that they can explore.  But, any time you bring your dog into a new environment, there are new factors you need to be aware of to keep your dog safe.  For instance, if your dog is coming to the beach, you need to be sure that they can handle crowds of people.  If your dog is going hiking, you need to be aware of the possibility of snakes, which can be tempting to dogs, and may be poisonous.  You also need to be mindful of your dog’s stamina levels – for example, your dog may not have the ability to complete a difficult hike, as much as you would like them to.

More Socialization

Generally speaking, the summer is a more social time for all of us.  This means that during the season, your dog is more likely to interact with a greater number of humans as well as dogs.  Make sure that your dog can handle social interactions with people and other canines to avoid any bad behavior, or any harm that can result from them feeling cornered, nervous or overwhelmed, before exposing them to, say, a party, or a dog park filled with other dogs.

Giving Them CBD

This might sound a bit odd, but believe it or not, cannabidiol (CBD) could keep your dog safe during the summer.  This is especially the case as it comes to their energy levels.  You see, if your dog is over stimulated, and those temperatures are blazing, it will take them longer to cool down, making them feel less comfortable or possibly leading to heat stroke.  CBD allows them to chill out, wind down, and get their energy back to normal properly.  The best method for beating the heat with CBD is by administering them Chill Paws Pet CBD Oil For Dogs.  It’s a Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs that comes in a 30ml bottle for you to easily dose and give to your favorite fur companion anywhere and time.

Bottom Line: The summer can be a magical time for your dog, with so many new opportunities to get outside and visit new and exciting places.  The key is being conscious of all of the potential dangers that come with the summer season, in order to know that your dog is completely safe at all times.  

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