How Identical CBD Milligram Strengths in Pet Products Can Actually Differ

How Identical CBD Milligram Strengths in Pet Products Can Actually Differ

If you want to ensure that your pet has the most positive experience possible with CBD, one thing that you really have to take into consideration is whether or not you’re giving them the proper dose. Now, when we talk about the dose, we tend to focus on the amount of product that we’re giving them daily. But, as we know, CBD pet products contain more than CBD. So, while you may be giving them a lot of product at one time, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re consuming a lot of hemp extract per dose.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to stay on top of the exact amount of CBD you’re giving them per dose, as this is the most important thing to be concerned with when starting your pet on a hemp regimen. See, each product has its own unique milligram strength, and the number of milligrams of CBD in a pet hemp product directly informs you on how much CBD they’re consuming when it’s time for their dose.

But, the thing about milligram strengths and pet CBD products is that things can get confusing when switching from one type of product to another. As you are aware, the pet hemp market consists of treats, tinctures, topicals and even hair care products. Each of these products has its own standard range of milligram strengths available, and today, you’ll see why.

Why the Milligram Strength is So Important When It Comes to Pet Products

The thing about cats, dogs and humans is that we all have different endocannabinoid systems. This means that each of our bodies respond to certain levels of cannabinoids like CBD in unique ways. One thing that largely determines whether or not a certain number of milligrams of CBD is ideal is body weight. Now, as you know, cats and dogs weigh a lot less than us, so they simply don’t need to consume a large milligram strength like we do.

This is why pet CBD products are formulated with milligram strengths ideal for their bodies. You’ll find that companies producing hemp pet goods gear their different milligram strengths toward different ranges of body weight, or individual breeds.

If you’re trying to give your pet relief with CBD, choosing the right milligram strength is absolutely crucial. This can determine whether or not there’s enough endocannabinoid content in their doses to actually provide the results that you’re hoping for.

How Milligram Strength Can Differ from Delivery Method to Delivery Method

Now, this is where things get a bit confusing. As you know, there are different delivery methods out there when it comes to CBD pet products, with each one absorbing into your pet’s body in a different way. For instance, edibles like pet treats absorb via ingestion, which takes anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours before it’s active. And, once it’s active, it’s very subtle compared to other methods. Then, there are pet tinctures, and they absorb via the sublingual tissue, which is faster and more potent than edibles. Then we have topicals like sprays, ointments and shampoo products, and they absorb very fast due to the fast absorption rate of the skin.

Because each delivery method has its own absorption rate and method, you’ll find that 10 milligrams of a pet tincture can have different effects from 10 milligrams of a pet treat, for example. This is why when you shop for pet CBD products, you may find that the milligram strength you’re used to with, say, a topical is not available in the form of, say, a tincture.

Going About Selecting the Right Strength Regardless of Product Type

So, that being said, how do you know how to choose the right milligram strength for your pet once you’ve selected an ideal delivery method? Well, the first thing that we always tell our customers is to speak with their veterinarian. This can help answer a lot of questions and can give you a guide to go by when choosing the right concentration of CBD in a pet hemp product.

But, to make matters easier for customers, companies clearly outline which body weight should use a specific milligram strength. For instance, if you’re shopping for a pet CBD oil, you’ll see on the label that that particular strength is formulated for a certain range of body weights. Therefore, rather than trying to guess based on products that you’ve used before, simply rely on the information provided by the manufacturer. They’ve tested their products on animals already, so they are the best source of information. And, remember that just because you used a particular milligram strength with another delivery method doesn’t mean that a new delivery method with the same strength will deliver the same results, based on the information above.

Same but Truly Different Indeed

To have the most positive CBD experience possible, paying attention to the milligram strength matters above all else matters. That particular milligram strength can affect your pet differently depending on how it’s administered to their body. This is why it’s best to only rely on the guide created by the brand in terms of which milligram strength of a particular product is ideal for your pet’s body weight. And, it’s always best to speak to your vet when choosing a new hemp product for your furry friend.

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