6 Reasons to Grab a Chill Bundle

6 Reasons to Grab a Chill Bundle

At Chill Paws, we have dedicated our lives to providing your furry friends with natural relief in the form of carefully formulated CBD products made specifically for their precious bodies. As you browse through our selection of products, you’ll find lots and lots of high-quality hemp goods that are easy to administer to cats and dogs, while containing only the safest ingredients possible.

If you’re looking to go all in with giving CBD to your pet, you will want to check out Chill Paws Chill Bundles. These bundles supply you with multiple CBD products that each play a different role in maintaining their endocannabinoid systems with the compounds of the hemp plant.

Which Chill Bundle Should You Choose?

We know that every pet has their own unique needs, which is why we have created a generous variety of bundles for them to try.

  • The Big Trio Bundle: 150mg CBD Dog Treats (Peanut Butter Flavor), 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs, 200mg CBD Isolate Pet Balm
  • The Little Trio Bundle: 150mg CBD Dog Treats (Peanut Butter Flavor), 125mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dog, 200mg CBD Isolate Pet Balm
  • Kitty Chill Bundle125mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats, 200mg CBD Isolate Pet Balm
  • Little Chill Bundle: 125mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs, 200mg CBD Isolate Pet Balm
  • Big Chill Bundle: 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs, 200mg CBD Isolate Pet Balm
  • Reasons to Grab a Chill Bundle 

    Now, let’s cover some key reasons why grabbing a Chill Paws Chill Bundle can be a great investment in your pet’s daily routine.

    Reason #1: Money Saving Deal

    Buying a bundle provides you with notable savings, as each product in the bundle is sold at lower than retail cost when priced individually. This means that you can stock up on high-end hemp for your furry companion while enjoying some extra cash in the form of a discount.

    Reason #2: Chill Paws Uses Only Lab-Tested Hemp

    When it comes to giving your pet CBD, it is natural to be apprehensive about choosing just any old product you find online.  There are so many factors that play a big role in the quality of the hemp used in a formula, and pet owners understandably want only the absolute best for their precious companions.  

    At Chill Paws, we have all of our hemp extracts lab-tested by a third-party testing facility.  This testing process is therefore done by a party that is completely objective and unbiased.  The process involves looking for signs of impurities and potentially harmful microbes, while breaking down the individual chemical compounds in the product.  All of these factors play a role in the quality of the formula, and we make the resulting lab reports available to our customers so that they know they can trust our products completely.

    Reason #3: Pets Love Our Formulas

    Simply put, pets choose Chill Paws for all of their CBD-related needs.  Clearly, we’re doing something right, since pet owners tell us that their furry friends absolutely love their hemp routines after choosing our products.  We make sure that our edible products taste delicious, with natural and yummy flavors that appeal to their senses.  We ensure that our products have the right smells, textures, and consistencies to keep your pet fully dedicated to their daily hemp routines.

    Reason #4: Contain Active and Effective Concentrations of Hemp

    Sadly, there are a lot of products on the market labeled as CBD products that simply do not contain enough of the important compounds of the hemp plant to make much of a difference.  At Chill Paws, we have done enormous amounts of research to determine how much CBD to put into each product that we sell.  This means that you can count on our formulas delivering active and effective hemp compounds into your pet’s system, while being adequately bioavailable so that they absorb the compounds efficiently for maximum effectiveness.

    Reason #5: They Allow You to Experiment with CBD

    We know that pets can be notoriously picky when it comes to taste, texture and so on.  It’s not uncommon for a pet owner to have to experiment with multiple delivery methods and formulations before finding the one that perfectly suits their pet’s tastes and preferences.  By choosing a Chill Bundle, you will have multiple types of products to try out with your pet, to figure out which ones most appeal to them.  

    Not only that, but you will be able to explore the ways in which different types of products yield specific desirable responses, to find the formula that truly makes the biggest difference in their daily routine.

    Reason #6: Made with Care by Pet Lovers

    CBD pet products are a profitable market right now, so it’s not surprising to see more and more companies popping up that target pet owners.  But, at Chill Paws, we have been around for a long time and have developed a strong reputation among pet owners and vets alike, because at the end of the day, we’re pet lovers ourselves.  

    Our company genuinely wants all cats and dogs to receive the best care possible, which is why we make all of our products with enormous amounts of care, and truly research everything we can to understand pet’s needs and preferences.

    There is a Chill Bundle to Meet Every Pet’s Needs and Preferences

    At Chill Paws, we offer a generous variety of Chill Bundles that supply your precious cat or dog with a plethora of quality, carefully formulated and pet-friendly formulas containing ample amounts of cannabidiol.  These bundles will save you money while giving you a nice selection of delivery methods to provide to your furry friend in an effort to give them the relief that they deserve.

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