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7 Pet Health Conditions CBD May be able to Help With

When it comes to your pet’s health, CBD is an option that many people and veterinarians are turning to as a natural therapy for a wide range of conditions. While over-the-counter medications may be available remedies, some medications can come with undesirable side effects for short and long-term use. CBD is a safe therapy that can be used daily, and long-term to improve your pet’s quality of life. Pet CBD treats, tinctures, and balm may be just what your pet needs to start feeling good again! Here are a few pet health conditions that CBD is known to help with and why it helps.

What’s the Science Behind CBD?

Humans, dogs, cats, and all mammals have what is known as an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis, or the natural balance of the bodily systems. So, if something stops functioning properly, whether it’s an inflammatory response, cognitive problem, or digestive tract issue, the ECS can help bring back the normal order of things. This system has cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the body and brain. The introduction of CBD and other cannabinoids into the body activates these receptors to give a response to an imbalance. Not all mammals react the same to CBD, but new and continuing research has allowed us to assess the dosage, safety, and healing potential CBD has on pet health. For pets, CBD is sold in treat form, ingestible oil, and in topical creams or ointments.


Anxiety in pets is very common, and it may stem from fear, separation, or aging. Particular triggers like loud noises, being left alone in the home, and declining faculties as pets age can all contribute to anxiety. Anxiety may cause symptoms like destructive behaviors, excessive drooling, barking, panting, aggression, shaking, depression, and more. Veterinarians often recommend medications or natural therapies like CBD to improve the pet’s health and condition. Pet CBD treats or oil can help them relax and stay in a de-stressed state when anxiety triggers are present.


New research studies are just beginning to explore the use of CBD and THC as potential anti-cancer drugs. Some studies are showing that CBD may inhibit the growth of certain types of tumors as well as increase the death rate of tumor cells, without affecting healthy cells. Many of these studies are being performed with human trials, but as our endocannabinoid system is very similar to that of dogs and cats, the potential for CBD to help our pets with cancer is very viable.

Inflammation and Auto-Immune Diseases

CBD eases inflammation by reducing the production and release of inflammatory cytokines and macrophages within the body. Inflammatory cytokines are responsible for allergic reactions, hypersensitivity, and autoimmunity. Inflammatory macrophages play a major role in chronic inflammation. In short, you can improve your pet’s health with CBD treats, oil, and balm for conditions like osteoarthritis, injuries, old age, and auto-immune disorders.

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Irritated Skin

Pets are no strangers to skin conditions. They can affect them from the tips of their ears and snouts to the bottoms of their footpads, and everywhere in between. Just like we can get dry skin during winter, your pet can get dry and cracked noses and paws that might even bleed from severity. Some pets may show sensitivities that cause itchy rashes and hot spots. We already know that CBD reduces inflammation for your pet’s health, but it also has qualities that moisturize and speed the rate of healing. When CBD is formulated into a topical, or balm, it can act as a combination of moisturizing skin cream and protective petroleum jelly.

Nausea and Reduced Appetite

Medications, like those used in the treatment of cancer, are a main cause of nausea and reduced appetite in both people and pets. The National Cancer Institute recognizes the benefits of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer-related side effects. Maintaining good health for your pet can be easier with CBD, especially when they just don’t want to eat. CBD can even reduce the occurrence of vomiting, which helps your dog or cat get all the nutrition they can out of the food they ingest.

Pain Management

CBD can be an effective therapy for chronic pain. CBD has been shown to reduce nerve-related pain by decreasing the pain signals that are sent across nerves. CBD is also very effective at pain relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties. For conditions like pancreatitis and GI tract inflammation in pet health, CBD is a natural daily treatment option to help make your furry friend more comfortable and retain a better quality of life.

Seizures or Epilepsy

It is well known that CBD helps reduce seizures in humans, but it also can help reduce epileptic episodes in pets. Typically, humans and pets are given over-the-counter medications to reduce seizures from epilepsy, but both humans and pets can be resistant to these medications to the point where they have little effect. CBD has been shown to greatly reduce the number of seizures and the severity of seizures in people and pets who are resistant to anti-seizure medications.

If you are unsure about the use of CBD or are unclear about the scope of your pet’s health condition, discuss CBD with your veterinarian. They can give you a full diagnosis as to what ails your pet and whether CBD would be a good treatment, by itself or in conjunction with other medications or procedures.

CBD is widely available as pet treats, tinctures, and topical balm. Always be sure you are purchasing your CBD pet health products from a trusted source that uses measures to ensure quality control by lab-testing their CBD like Chill Paws does. Shop our products and gift bundles today and help your pet find relief!

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