4 Health Conditions That Senior Dogs Most Commonly Experience

4 Health Conditions That Senior Dogs Most Commonly Experience

Dog owners would do just about anything to allow their precious companions to live forever, but we all know when we adopt a dog that we’re almost definitely going to outlive them. Once dogs reach senior age, their bodies start to gradually deteriorate, and it goes without saying that this is enormously painful to watch as their caretaker.

While there are several conditions that are largely associated with senior dogs, as science continues to evolve, we’re learning more about ways to minimize the severity of their symptoms and potentially help them live longer. Many treatments are available today that were not around only a decade ago, and vets are learning more and more about ways in which we can improve our pets’ overall well-being.

Could CBD Help with Some of the More Severe Ailments that Affect Senior Dogs?

One thing that we’re seeing more is CBD-loving customers giving hemp to their pets. The research exists shows that CBD can be given to pets because they, like us, have an endocannabinoid system which efficiently processes and utilizes cannabinoids as a way to increase homeostasis.

Now, let’s further see what the research says.

Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a very common issue that affects both dogs and cats as they age. After a certain period of time, the kidneys slowly lose their ability to keep up with the demands of the body, and as a result of being overtaxed, they can dramatically decrease in terms of functionality. Once the kidneys are no longer functioning properly, serious symptoms can occur like weight loss, dehydration, lack of appetite and lethargy.

We’re now starting to find that commercial diets can play a role in the development and severity of kidney disease in senior dogs. Foods that are high in salt and sugar, and low in water content, may be too much for the kidneys to handle over the period of a lifetime.

Kidney failure isn’t curable in dogs, but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. Most commonly, the owner must change their diet to one that’s easier on the kidneys. And, they may have to maintain their fluid levels using an IV. There are also some medications out there that can be prescribed by a vet to help with the symptoms.

But, what about CBD? Well, what we can tell you is that there are cannabinoid receptors in the kidneys, and this indicates that cannabinoids have some sort of relationship to kidney function. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there. As of now, no studies have been done specifically on CBD for kidney failure in dogs, but given the unique way in which the endocannabinoid system utilizes cannabinoids, it’s worth trying.


Another common issue associated with senior dogs is dementia. As we age, we begin to lose neurons in the brain as old ones die off and we stop producing new, healthy ones to replace them. This causes cognitive decline, which can make us struggle with memory, mental stamina, concentration and even mood. Dementia affects dogs as well, and pet owners can usually tell that it’s beginning to take place when their dog’s behavior and mood begin changing gradually.

Like kidney failure, there is currently no cure for canine dementia, let alone dementia in humans. Certain drugs may help boost cognition, but some of these drugs can come with unwanted side effects.

Now, let’s talk about CBD. A lot of research is going in to finding a link between CBD and neurogenesis, plus hemp’s potential neuroprotective properties. In fact, many medical researchers are excited about CBD’s potential when it comes to dementia. If CBD truly is a neuroprotective that can stimulate neurogenesis, it may play a role in managing the condition.


Easily, one of the most common conditions to affect senior dogs is arthritis. Dogs are very active creatures, and they rely on their joints to get around throughout the day. Once dogs begin to reach senior age, their joints can start to deteriorate due to standard wear and tear. This can cause some serious issues. For one thing, arthritis tends to bring on a lot of pain, and none of us want to see our precious companion in that kind of state. Further, arthritis can interfere with a dog’s mobility, which can lead them to move around less. This can cause complications such as obesity as they stop getting adequate exercise each day in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Several medications exist for canine arthritis, but we’re starting to hear more about veterinarians suggesting CBD to dogs who have the condition. This has a lot to do with the fact that clinical case studies have now been performed in which arthritic dogs were given high doses of CBD. This is good news for dog owners who have a hard time watching their pooch dealing with pain and a decline in mobility.

See, cannabinoid receptors exist in the joints, and when we give our dog CBD, these receptors receive what they need in order to help the endocannabinoid system allow for regulation to occur. We also know that hemp seems to have some unique anti-inflammatory activity, and arthritis is technically an inflammatory condition.

Bladder Problems

Is your dog suddenly “going” inside the house, while they used to be able to hold it until they were let outside? If so, this is far from unusual. As dogs age, their bladders can begin to weaken, making it harder for them to hold in their urine for long periods of time.

This, of course, can cause issues as it can create a mess, and indicate that your dog is struggling with their health.

We know from studies that CBD seems to have an effect on the bladder, as the bladder has cannabinoid receptors. Right now, not much evidence exists that CBD can have particular effects on the bladders of dogs but knowing how the endocannabinoid system operates in pretty much the same manner regardless of species, there’s hope for pet owners.

Giving Your Dog CBD for One of These Common Senior Issues

If you do plan to give your dog CBD in an effort to help them with one of these common conditions, you must first talk to your vet, who can guide you in a way that can potentially produce better results. It’s also important to choose a pet-specific formula that comes from a trustworthy manufacturer. At Chill Paws, we offer a wide range of high-quality pet CBD goods that you can administer to your senior dog.

We suggest that once you begin a CBD routine for your pet, that you give them the same amount daily. Consistency seems to be key to having a successful experience, as the endocannabinoid system likes to accumulate cannabinoids before using them to their fullest potential.

And, always choose high-quality CBD products specifically formulated for pets, like the ones that we offer here at Chill Paws.

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