10 Reasons to Give Your Dog Chill Paws CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats

10 Reasons to Give Your Dog Chill Paws CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Have you been trying to think of an easy way to give your dog high-quality CBD, but have not known where to start? AT Chill Paws, we make it easy to administer your dog the perfect daily dose of hemp in a way that is actually enjoyable for them. Our CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats are formulated with top-quality, dog-friendly ingredients, supplying their bodies with the right dosage amount while tempting their taste buds with one of their all-time favorite indulgences, which is rich and creamy peanut butter derived from real peanuts.

What Do Chill Paws Peanut Butter Dog Treats Have to Offer?

If you are not sure as to whether or not our CBD dog treats are right for your beloved pooch, no problem. We have made a list of reasons why this formula is exceptional in order to understand everything that there is to know about what they have to offer.

#1: Handcrafted

One thing that makes a huge difference when it comes to quality is the amount of human touch, and we are pleased to say that our dog treats are handcrafted from start to finish. This means that each dose is made with real TLC, and each and every step of the process is done with the utmost attention and care.

#2: Made in Small Batches

We craft our CBD dog treats in small batches because this yields a better product overall. Once companies start automating the manufacturing process and making huge quantities at a time, some of that quality gets lost, along with the attention to detail. A small-batch approach to manufacturing is always ideal as it allows us to maintain absolute control over the outcome.

#3: Soft and Chewy

A lot of older dogs have trouble with tough and hard food because their teeth and gums just aren’t what they used to be.  Also, we know that a lot of our canine pets are seniors who are using hemp for all kinds of issues that are common with older pooches. That is why we made our treats soft and chewy.  They will not hurt your precious pup’s teeth in the process of delivering that daily dose of good old CBD.

#4: All-Natural

We make sure that our treats contain an all-natural formula that’s gentle and safe for your beloved companion. A lot of artificial ingredients used in commercial dog treats can be less than ideal for your dog’s health, as our pets’ digestive systems are much more sensitive than ours. Our all-natural formula contains only ingredients that are known to be good for dogs, so that you can rest assured that he or she is getting the very best.

#5: Made in the USA with Domestically Sourced Ingredients

We make our dog treats right here in the United States, with all of our ingredients sourced domestically. Ingredients used in the United States often have strict standards that don’t exist elsewhere in the world, which is why we only get our ingredients from domestic sources.  

#6: Contain 5 Milligrams Per Treat

Each bag contains 30 treats total, with each one boasting 5 milligrams of CBD.  This is a great daily dose for most dogs, offering the right potency level to give them the full capabilities of cannabidiol. Some dogs that are on the small side can have one half of a treat each day, while very large dogs may want two or even three.  Speak to your vet about proper dosing, as they can give you more customized medical advice.

#7: Delicious for Your Canine to Consume

Of course, it does not hurt that dogs love how these treats taste. The peanut butter flavor comes from real peanut butter and offers that rich and creamy flavor that virtually all dogs find absolutely irresistible. Administering CBD to your dog can be a challenge since canines are known to be finicky eaters who don’t always embrace something new in their routine. Because we made these treats so tasty, your dog will be begging you for the next dose each day.

#8: Easy to Administer

CBD dog treats are very easy to administer as you don’t need to carefully measure anything out or try to get your dog to sit still long enough to give it to them.  Simply toss a treat their way and let their appetite do the rest of the work.

#9: Contain Only Dog-Friendly Ingredients

We refuse to use any ingredients that may be harmful for your dog, including certain herbs and botanicals that are commonly found in human hemp products, but are known toxins to canines.

#10: Lab-Tested Hemp

We ensure that every batch of hemp extract we use in our treat formula is tested by a third-party laboratory. This means that we send it off to a verified third-party laboratory that specialized in analyzing hemp samples for quality, purity levels, potency, and chemical composition. This paints a picture of what you are giving your pet to ensure that it’s safe. We make the lab reports available to consumers so that they can know that they can trust that we’re giving their furry friends only the very best that the natural world has to offer.

Grab Chill Paws Peanut Butter Dog Treats Today 

These treats provide your pooch with everything that he or she needs to take a solid daily dose of hemp in a way that’s actually appealing to their senses. Our lab-tested, handcrafted, small-batch treats offer a rich peanut butter flavor along with 5 milligrams of hemp per piece. If you want to make sure that your dog really enjoys taking their CBD each day, these treats are the way to go.


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